For running and training in the gym, you need underwear that will not distract you in the process. What qualities should it have?

Sports underwear has gained immense popularity in a few years and has become a separate direction, and today it is chosen not only by athletes. Sports underwear can be worn in everyday life: it has no restrictions in terms of compatibility with other things, except perhaps for evening dresses. At the same time, sports sets are much more convenient than everyday ones, and especially lace ones, designed primarily for an aesthetic effect. If you need underwear «for life», and the main criterion is convenience, the easiest thing you can do is to choose a sports set.

Requirements for sports underwear

Your goal is to choose underwear so that you don’t think about it at all during the workout. Individual requirements may differ depending on the sport, and yet it is possible to outline the most important thing.

— Special cut for freedom of movement

Choose underpants that will not cut into the body, having moved out due to active movement. The optimal model is slips on a wide reliable elastic band. The bodice is better to choose on wide straps and more closed than the usual «beautiful» bra.

For running and all sports that involve jumping, choose bodices with support, such as those with thin foam cups.

— Technological materials

For sports underwear, a noticeable addition of elastane (5-10%) is needed. Even if in everyday life you prefer natural materials, feel free to choose high-tech synthetics for sports: modern artificial materials can pass air and remove moisture.

— The quality of the seams

Sports underwear should not rub, especially when wet from sweat, so pay attention to the inside seams. Seamless underwear, unfortunately, does not always guarantee 100% comfort. With chafing during long runs, everything is very individual, so always test the equipment in advance, in small training sessions, try and build on your experience.

Sports underwear sets

Sets are a wonderful solution for those who love harmony in everything. The feeling of correctness and completeness will not be superfluous for your motivation, even if it concerns linen that only you can see.

Wide comfortable underwear straps from Siman sets securely fix underwear on the body and do not rub during training. Removable support insert made of thin durable foam makes it easier to use and care for the item.

Siman sets have a predominantly natural composition: it is a breathable ribbed cotton jersey (so it stretches well and lets air through) with the addition of 5% elastane, which provide a comfortable fit and keep the shape of the thing longer.

By the way, the cotton content and the overall fashionable look of the sets make them a wonderful solution for every day. The very case when for the sake of beauty it is not necessary to sacrifice convenience!

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