This type of shoes has recently appeared in the wardrobe, perhaps, for everyone. Now sneakers are no longer associated only with sports — they go for a walk, to work, and even to meetings with friends and relatives. They are included in their collections by eminent designers, thanks to which the images of girls in light summer dresses and massive sneakers have become extremely popular.

So how do you choose a model that is ideal for all types of activities?

1. Choose only natural materials. Leather, nubuck or fabric — no matter what it will be, the main thing is that the leg breathes in any weather. Not only the comfort and health of the happy owner of sneakers depends on this, but also the period that they will last, because artificial materials quickly lose their appearance and are extremely unstable to bad weather conditions.

2. Shoes should be 0.5 sizes larger than the foot. This recommendation is given by orthopedists and surgeons so that the risk of injury and calluses is minimized even with active loads. At the same time, the ankle joint must be fixed so that dislocations and sprains are unacceptable.

3. The sole must have good cushioning properties. One of the most popular materials for its manufacture is polyurethane. It has high strength and wear resistance, which allows you to wear shoes for several seasons without loss of quality and deformation.

4. It is advisable to choose laces that are voluminous, made from natural fabric. They will not slip and untie while walking and running like their artificial counterparts. Also pay attention to the ends of the laces: to secure them, they must have metal or plastic buckles.

5. Consider the purpose of the sneakers. Although they have become part of the everyday image of many, you still need to distinguish between shoes for sports and for the city.
If you choose running or fitness shoes, you should pay attention to the weight, material and sole: they should be easy to breathe in, and the sole should be flexible and durable and non-slip.
If you are planning to buy sports shoes for walking around the city, you should pay attention to models made of genuine leather, which are suitable for rainy weather. And the sole can be higher than in sports models so that the bumps in the road are less felt.

Now you know how to choose the right sneakers that will last you many seasons. Go to our catalog to choose the perfect pair:

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