How to choose stylish boots for autumn?


With the onset of autumn, the problem of parents regarding the choice of demi-season shoes is becoming stronger. Salvation usually comes in the form of advice from older relatives or after several hours of searching for information on various forums. To make this task easier, we have collected all the useful recommendations in this article.

There are not so many general recommendations for choosing autumn shoes, but the comfort of your child depends on their implementation:

1. Buy demi-season shoes with a small margin (1-1.5 cm), because. shoes can be worn with a warm toe. Too narrow shoes will put pressure on the toes, and a poorly fixed leg can be injured when walking.

2. Do not buy shoes without trying them on, but if the baby is naughty and refuses to go to the store, then just take foot measurements and choose shoes based on these data.

3. In autumn, the temperature fluctuates greatly: from Indian summer to snow frosts, so buying 3-4 pairs per shift is ideal. Let’s move on to choosing the main models:

Pair #1: Sneakers

This universal model will suit both boys and girls.

Sneakers are worn in dry weather at temperatures from +10 to +20.

The lining in the form of genuine leather will keep the foot warm, but at the same time it will conduct enough air, the leg will «breathe».

The insole with arch support will correctly distribute the load over the entire foot and the baby will be comfortable walking even during a long walk.

It is better to choose models of dark colors made of genuine leather. When dirty, they can be easily cleaned, and small scratches or scuffs will not be visible on dark material.

As for the closure, we recommend choosing Velcro for babies and zippers with lacing for older children. Velcro is easy to use, but at the same time it securely fixes the leg (it is better when there are two Velcro), lacing will be an excellent example of the development of fine motor skills, let the kids learn to tie shoelaces on their own 🙂

Pair #2. Rubber boots

For energetic and restless children, rubber boots are a real salvation. What, if not in rubber boots, you can have fun jumping through puddles? But remember that rubber boots must be made of quality materials!

Pair #3. Warm boots

Let’s move on to the most important choice — warm boots for cool weather.

The sole of such shoes should be ribbed, flexible and non-slip. For example, you can choose PU soles (light enough) or TPE soles (non-slip, more suitable for low temperatures).

The choice of lining depends on the temperature regime. Lining made of genuine leather can be used from +7 to +15, lining — bike can be worn at a lower temperature.

Autumn boots should be comfortable for the baby, so, again, choose Velcro models.

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