Spring is a time of renewal. I want to throw off the winter ballast and urgently please myself with something new and fresh… You start to sort out the wardrobe… You look at the things you bought earlier and start to doubt your purchasing adequacy… This scarf is too heavy, this one is bright, but it does not warm at all, and these 5 were bought in some kind of insane impulse, and you put them on once by force … Perhaps you should give them to your friends. In general, «a full closet, but there is nothing to wear.»

How to avoid such disappointment in the future? Actually, it’s simple. There are quite specific criteria for an unmistakable choice. And by and large, there are only three of them: these are pleasant emotions, quality and versatility. But each item has its own nuances, and only all three together work flawlessly.

So, point 1: the joy of contact.

Without a doubt, accessories should give pleasant emotions. Clothing can be the simplest, “basic”, but scarves, hats, snoods and stoles are what, in fact, “makes” your image and special style. So let them be bright, soft, light, airy… and, of course, different… according to your mood… You can collect a whole rainbow of colors and ask yourself every day: what color will set your “weather”? Hot pink to energize and daring? Orange to brighten up a gloomy day? Or sky blue to soften an angry mood (anything happens)?

Point 2 is important for a long-term relationship with the object . And this, of course, quality and practicality.

A little thing can be as cute as you like, but if it does not fulfill its main function (for example, it does not warm) or fails in 1-2 washings, disappointment cannot be avoided. So choose:

— Things made of natural fabrics. They will always give odds to any synthetics in terms of keeping warm and pleasant sensations for the body. Watch your choices. Surely, synthetics are more likely to gather dust on the shelf, and hands themselves are drawn to natural fabrics and natural wool. You can’t fool nature. These fabrics are the most organic for us.

— The quality of the workmanship, the durability of the thing. As one millionaire said: «I’m not rich enough to afford cheap things.» And he is right, of course. Quality requires careful selection of raw materials, laboratory development, technologies for optimal fiber weaving, ergonomic product design, quality control at all stages of production. «Ridiculous prices» can not guarantee this. Therefore, it is better to choose trusted manufacturers. A good thing becomes a good friend. It serves for a long time, tolerates fairly free (within reasonable limits) treatment, does not crumble from one careless movement, and does not get bored over time — it only becomes dearer. Such things are cherished and passed on «by inheritance.» (And sometimes sisters or daughters cunningly “take them away”, and you have to buy a new one of the same …)

Point 3 — versatility. And this, on the one hand, is also about practicality, and on the other, about creativity!

Agree, it’s great to have a little thing for any occasion, a kind of lifesaver, which is in the rain, and in the cold, in summer and winter, and on a mountain trip and at a social event … Choose multifunctional transformer things.

For example, like these cobweb stoles … Look, aren’t they beautiful? Thin, weightless wool straightens out into a wide canvas — and you can wrap yourself in them, like in a blanket. At the theatre, on a plane or on an evening walk in late spring. Warm and cozy. Wrap it around your neck like a scarf for a tighter and extra warm option for cold weather. Experiment with drapery and get new inspiring images… And the «icing on the cake»: all this beauty easily and painlessly folds into a super-compact case (from the kit) and weighs absolutely nothing. A good argument for both travel and the usual exit to the city, with our changeable weather. It’s hot — I put it in my purse, it’s cold — I took it out and put it on. The beauty!

Another product that I would like to talk about in this context is Mereti snoods. Soft and pleasant to the touch, with delicate rhinestones and a decorative removable tag. They can be worn on the head, on the neck, and even cover their face from the cold and any infection.  They take up even less space, look super-stylish and help out in any circumstances.

So, all you need for spring shopping is:

— make friends head and heart

— use the three principles of unmistakable choice

— and never settle for dubious compromises.

Be warm and beautiful — everywhere and always.

In the review, Mereti scarves and snoods made of natural Italian wool were used.

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