On the Internet, there are a huge variety of different magic boxes called «a set of magic tricks for young wizards.» But how do you know which one is worth buying?

First of all, you should understand that the number of tricks stated on the box is not always valid. Let’s explain with an example: you show a trick with the disappearance of a coin. Showing the disappearance of the coin with the left hand and showing the same effect with the right hand will count as 1 trick or 2? To show the appearance of an eraser and to show the appearance of a box of matches in the same way — is this counted as one trick or is it still two? It is here that sometimes large numbers appear on the boxes in the form — 500 tricks for wizards, but in fact there are only 50 items inside.

Tip #1
Pay attention to the package and how many pieces of props (magic items) are inside. Make sure before buying that the tricks are really diverse, of different ages and not super complicated, easy to learn.

Often sets of tricks are created by people who do not understand what the profession of a magician really is. It’s like a bald man selling shampoo for hair growth. Naturally, I would like to first make sure that the content is really working and assumes the maximum effect.

Tip #2
Check who is the author of the set. The set must be created by a professional illusionist — a magician who practices his skills at children’s (primarily) and adult holidays.

There are many different directions in tricks. Stage, mental, visual effects, juggling, manipulation, illusions, micromagic, etc. Depending on the abilities, preferences of the artist, the magician somehow prefers one of the directions more than others. A moment of self-determination and self-discovery. After all, all people are different, like magicians, everyone likes something different.

Tip #3
Make sure that the set of tricks is versatile and contains tricks of different directions, not similar to each other. That is, if there are tricks in the box (a set of tricks) that the child does not like and does not impress, he will have other effects that will hook him and compensate for the impressions. The set should be assembled harmoniously and diversely.

Any person loses the desire to do something if he does not see the result. What can we say about children, adults are the same. Therefore, it is important that the child really DOES make the trick that the author intended, and here are a number of tips at once.

Tip #4
The kit should contain paper and video instructions so that you can quickly and easily master the trick, be sure to check before buying. The tricks should be selected by the author in such a way that the effect is strong and impressive, and mastering it will not be difficult, so that the child gets the maximum effect at the lowest cost. Of course, if he wants to improve his skill, he can go further and get a push for further development and growth. Thus, the set should contain not just a set of magical incomprehensible things, but a whole course for a young wizard, including an accessible master class!

Tip #5
Pay attention to the packaging and how presentable the set is. Since the set is often bought as a birthday present for a child or as a gift for the new year, a gift at the end of the school year, it is important that the packaging is as reliable as possible and the product itself is not damaged during transportation.

An excellent option that meets all parameters is present on the marketplaces with the name «50 best magic tricks for young wizards». The set was assembled by professional Illusionists Ruslan Taranyuk and Ilya Korzhov, who have been practicing their craft in Novosibirsk and Tula for over 10 years. Artists hold their master classes and have chosen the best magic tricks for your child.

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