A windbreaker should be in the wardrobe of every child, because in summer it also rains and cool evenings. To simplify the process of choosing a children’s jacket, we have prepared a few simple tips. Many parents are aware of the benefits of membrane outerwear and choose membrane jackets for their child. An important difference between such clothes and raincoats is that the child will not sweat or catch a cold even while playing outdoors. In clothes made of membrane fabric, the child will be able to walk under the drizzle for up to 3 hours. And thanks to vapor permeability — the ability of a fabric with a membrane to remove excess moisture from the body — the child will be comfortable, no matter how active the walk is

The membrane works only in combination with a water-repellent coating. Without it, the water on the surface of the clothing would not allow the steam from the body to escape. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of staining or heavily soiling the windbreaker (but does not eliminate the issue of washing outerwear). To preserve the properties of the membrane, the jacket should be washed with special products for membrane fabrics or liquid detergents without conditioners, stain removers or bleaches. When buying outerwear for a child, do not take a windbreaker too much. The correct fit of the windbreaker will prevent wind from blowing into the sleeves and under the bottom of the jacket, and the hood will not fall off the head. All this will provide comfort in inclement weather. At the same time, make sure that there is enough space under the jacket to wear thermal underwear or a fleece jacket, which are indispensable in cold weather. On days when it rains, the hood is a necessary constructive part of the windbreaker jacket. When trying on, make sure that it sits well on the child’s head. In many models of OLDOS jackets, an elastic band is provided for a better fit.

Windproof strips on OLDOS windbreaker jackets will reliably protect your child from gusty spring wind and rain. They are sewn along the entire length of the zipper and are necessarily stitched so as not to catch the fabric during fastening. And so that the child does not accidentally pinch his chin, there is a special protection against the zipper on the inner bar

The windbreaker will become irreplaceable in travel and walks. She won’t take up much space. A windbreaker can be carried with you in a backpack in case of sudden rain, wind or for walking on a cool summer evening.

We hope that our information will help you in choosing a windbreaker for your child. Walk outdoors with pleasure in any weather!

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