Trousers, leggings and jeans have firmly entered the wardrobe of girls, because they are comfortable for everyday life. But elegant dresses are needed even in the wardrobe of energetic people. After all, it is no secret that a role model of behavior and self-confidence are laid from childhood. A girl who learns to wear dresses and look natural in them, and in adulthood will not experience difficulties with self-presentation. Dressing daughters, granddaughters, nieces in elegant dresses, you form the taste and ability to pick up things. Experts from Unona D’art suggested what you need to pay attention to?

Remember that even in adulthood, elegant dresses can be evening, cocktail, official. For a wedding with a friend and for a corporate party with your husband, you will wear different styles and colors. It’s the same with children’s clothes: for a birthday to a grandmother, to a theater, to a festive matinee, you need to pick up different dresses. In the theater, the child will sit most of the time, so choose curvy models, there will be a lot of activity at the children’s birthday party, so choose styles that are comfortable for movement.

In the new Unona D’art collection it is easy to buy elegant dresses for different occasions

2. Style and temperament

Of the variety of styles in children’s fashion, three are firmly entrenched: princess dresses, a-shaped models and the empire style. When choosing a style, consider the age and temperament of the child. Girls 2-4 fit high waist and loose empire skirt. This dress looks elegant, but does not restrict movement. The “Princess” style is more suitable from the age of 5, when the dresses fit the top, emphasize the waist, but have a free and fluffy bottom. Be mindful of your child’s temperament. Mobile girls are more suitable for a light loose cut, and calm princesses will be comfortable in delightful puffy dresses.

3. Colors and type

The most common choice for a baby dress is pink and pastel colors. But not everyone wants to wear them from birth to 10 years. Moreover, children also have different types: dark-haired girls are made festive by light colors, and young blondes are decorated with dark and bright outfits. Good manufacturers of children’s clothing include different colors in their collections. When buying an elegant dress for the new year, keep in mind one more fact — this is a carnival: someone wants to see themselves as a serious queen in a blue night dress, someone likes a unicorn in rainbow colors, and someone wants to come in snow-white, in the form of a snowflake or blizzards. Manufacturer Unona D’art included models for different tastes in the collection.

4 Details and quality

Pay attention to details. You can evaluate them even in the conditions of online stores. In the «Description» column of good manufacturers you will find information about the fabric and its composition. All bodices and embroideries will be provided with hypoallergenic cotton linings. For older girls in dresses with puffy skirts, the lining should be made of polyester. The fact is that in winter, tights are worn under the dress. In this case, the lining made of polyester allows the dress to flow easily, not to ride up, not to warp the skirt. In a word, study the details. For example, in the description of dresses from Unona D’art, you will learn that all buttons, sequins are covered with a mesh, excluding contact with the skin, the edges are overcast, and the seams are soft so as not to irritate children’s skin.

In Unona D’art dresses, all buttons and sequins are covered with mesh, excluding contact with the skin.

“Of course, buying through an online store has its own specifics,” says the production director of Unona D’art. — You can’t touch the fabric. But there is a secret how to evaluate the manufacturer’s approach: look at the number of models. A manufacturer focused on quality will not produce a large number of styles. He will make 10-15 models, attracting good designers, craftsmen to the production, he will invest in good fabrics and quality control. For example, we worked on puffy skirts for a long time, but in the end we made them full-fledged, if it is a mesh, then a mesh of 27 square meters per skirt so that it looks beautiful and does not restrict movement.”

5. Style and fashion trends

What style of elegant children’s dresses will be in 2021? In 2020, a lot of gray everyday life fell, so the trend in dresses for the new year is bright colors, nets, splendor, sequins and sequins. “It is important for every girl not only to be beautiful, but also to be different from others,” tells us the director of production at Unona D’art. “Therefore, in the 2021 collection, we not only took into account the trends in brightness and shine. This collection has such a detail as crown embroidery. We put this symbol so that parents and children feel like kings in their lives, able to cope with everything.

Is it important for girls to be fashionable? Of course. As a rule, fashionably dressed mothers come to the girls for holidays. Stylish children’s dresses help the whole family to harmonize and look brilliant, both at the holiday and at the New Year’s photo shoot.

To have time to buy an elegant dress for the new year, choose today the color, style, quality and order delivery. Together with the New Year’s dress, you will also get a magical mood.

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