Buying a children’s suitcase is a great opportunity to relieve parents and help the child to show independence. But there is one important nuance — the suitcase should be liked by both parents and children. How to choose such an accessory and what to look for in the first place?

1. Weight of suitcase

Children’s suitcase should not be heavy. Even under the condition that the baby will not lift it, the weight of the accessory should not exceed 2 kg.

size 2

Parents of toddlers from 3 to 7 years old should prefer XS suitcases. The telescopic handle is fixed in 2 positions, so the suitcase is convenient to use for both kids and older children. But school-age children can already buy a suitcase of a standard size.

3. Material

A fabric suitcase will be the worst choice for a child, as it gets very dirty and does not wash well. The best option is ABS plastic. These suitcases are quite durable and can be easily cleaned with a regular damp cloth.

4. Comfortable wheels

So that the suitcase does not become a burden for the baby, it should roll easily on any surface. Therefore, it is better if the suitcase is equipped with 4 plastic wheels rotating 360 degrees around its axis.

5. Bright print

Of course, this is what children pay attention to in the first place. And parents will have to come to terms with their choice.

Under the Magio brand, children’s suitcases are produced that meet the needs of the most caring parents and demanding children. In total, the assortment includes 12 products with bright, unusual prints for every taste. All products are of high quality workmanship and reliability. Capacious, but almost weightless Magio suitcases are convenient to take as hand luggage in the cabin.

According to parents, this is the best gift for a child:

— A wonderful suitcase, the color is delicate, light. Ideal as a gift!

— Very bright, light baby suitcase! The son is happy, rides!

— They took the suitcase for the child. My daughter liked it very much) On the plane, it is great for hand luggage. Naturally, you don’t need to stuff it) We calmly fit the things of two children. Four flights withstood perfectly!

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