How to choose a baby headband

The headband is one of the most fashionable and stylish accessories of all time. They are equally relevant, both for little princesses and for their mothers. This is a great alternative to classic headbands, elastic bands and hairpins, which is suitable for any celebration or photo shoot!

The headpiece perfectly holds hair of any length and is incredibly comfortable to use. For babies in the summer, this is a great replacement for hats, as a tight elastic band protects the ears from the wind. The most popular representative among this type of accessories is a straw-style bandage.

Some facts from history

Solokha got its name in honor of the famous Gogol heroine only here. In general, such an accessory is not directly related to Ukrainian ethnicity and was invented in America. Flirtatious beauties adorned their curly heads with such a bandage, and wore it with mini-shorts, denim overalls, plaid shirts, and, of course, with bright dresses.

Choosing a straw for a baby is not at all difficult, but it is worth considering some important points.

First, size correctly.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the jewelry should sit tightly on the head and not roll down on the forehead during active games. Accordingly, a too tight bandage is also not a suitable option for a child. Manufacturers of children’s clothing often indicate sizes based on head circumference and only indirectly on age. It is best to try on a bandage before buying, and not take it at random.

Second — we evaluate the quality of the fabric

«Summer» solos are sewn mainly from cotton, light suede or silk. For children, the first option is most suitable. Natural materials do not cause irritation, are easy to care for, and thanks to a small amount of elastane in the composition, they stretch perfectly.

Third — be sure to take into account the opinion of the child

It is very important to instill a sense of style from childhood. Offer several color options, together think about what kind of outfit this particular model can suit. Perhaps you should choose a couple of colors and alternate them with different styles of clothing. The solokha headband will make any image of the baby irresistible and add zest to it!

The store of the Russian brand RusBubon offers a wide range of headwear and accessories for children. Our straw-style headbands have long earned the love and recognition of regular customers! The model is presented in more than 30 colors, which means that you will definitely choose the right shade for your wardrobe! Looking forward to shopping!

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