Just about delicate

Psychologists advise in such a situation to take a break and prepare. There is no need to tell too much — the child knows exactly what interests him, and if he wants to find out something else, he will return with additional questions later. You should not shy away from the answer: the child will somehow find a way to satisfy his curiosity, and it is better for the parent to give an explanation than the Internet or peers. And if an adult becomes embarrassed and blushes, then the child will feel discomfort and stop the conversation himself. As a result, again — the risk that he will receive information from unreliable sources.

In this situation, the novelty of Natalia Nemtsova, a writer and screenwriter who created the original genre of “cognitive fairy tales”, will come to the aid of parents. This book is called “How I Was Born”. It will appeal to inquisitive kids from 3 to 5 years old: the language is simple and understandable, the characters are familiar and beloved — a frog, a stork and a mouse. In the form of a fairy tale, through a fascinating story, the author explains how representatives of different biological species, including humans, are born. The book was illustrated by the talented artist Galina Egorenkova, whose works are imbued with a unique atmosphere of miracle and magic.

Visiting the Cabbage Fairy

The educational tales of Natalia Nemtsova are original and unique. They do not have traditional plot moves that have already set the teeth on edge, and faceless heroes. Together with the curious Quickly the frog, his friend, the Pixie mouse, and Alfie the stork, we learn that storks do not bring children, visit the cabbage field where the offspring of cabbage butterflies hide, and get acquainted with the Cabbage Fairy. While visiting her, the heroes will hear touching stories about how each of them was born.

Since the birth of a child is inextricably linked with family, marriage, parents’ love for each other, each story begins with how the character’s parents met, how their mutual feelings arose, how they arranged a joint life.

This book, simple at first glance, is distinguished by emotional depth and at the same time is able to satisfy the child’s craving for knowledge of the surrounding world. Natalia Nemtsova shows young readers that starting a family and having children is a difficult, responsible step, but the reward — a happy family life — is worth the decision.

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