How to accustom a cat to a couch?

If the house is warm and cozy, it is pleasant to be there. So pets appreciate comfort. Of course, a caring owner who has a cat cares not only about feeding the pet. The animal should have its own place to rest and sleep. For such purposes, you can choose a couch. But sometimes you also need to accustom yourself to a new place. How to do this, we will talk further.

Choosing a couch

Equipping a corner for a pet, you need to choose a beautiful and comfortable bed. At the moment, there are many options. These are open baskets, closed houses, hammocks. Which one your pet will like is also an important question. Of course, the house should not be too small. The hammock, on the other hand, needs to be placed correctly so that the cat climbs comfortably into it and can get off it on its own. As for the open bed, there are many options to choose from. When choosing a bed, you need to pay attention to the material, size and filler. Let’s take a closer look at the features of choosing a bed.

To begin with, let’s focus on ordinary, open baskets or pillows. The cat bed may vary in size and shape. They can be different, but it is very important that the pet is comfortable. Of course, a model that is larger than the size of a pet would be an excellent option. If you have a kitten, then it is better to take a bed for growth. But make sure that the sides are low. So it will be easier for the baby to climb into a cozy cat’s nest. Sometimes cats can sleep curled up or stretched out. This is also an important criterion for choosing a pet bed. If your pet loves space, then it is better to look at open beds, pillows or bedding. They can be soft or thicker. Here, too, the choice is up to the owner.

So, looking after an open pet bed, you need to pay attention to the material. It can be flock, velor, tapestry or microfiber. It is important that the coating is durable, because it will need to be cleaned periodically. Also an important selection criterion is the filler. It is softer than the coating and material, respectively, it is selected in a different quality and composition. The cat can sleep in a couch on a synthetic winterizer, periotek, halofiber. The advantage of these materials is that they prevent the development of parasites inside the couch. Of course, constant hygiene control in the form of cleaning is also important.

Houses for cats can be one- and multi-storey. Also, some of them come with a scratching post. The hammock can be placed under a chair, near the battery or separately on a special frame.

When choosing a bed, observe the character of the cat. Perhaps she is overly active and loves space or climbing higher? Then buy a wide soft bedding that can be placed on the windowsill. If you have a lazy and calm cat, you can buy a house. Interestingly, any cat needs a lot of time to sleep. At a minimum, it is 15-17 hours a day.

We accustom an adult pet to a couch

If you bought a couch, and the cat is still not used to resting in it and even passes by, you need to accustom it to a new subject. There is also such an option that you had to change the old sleeping place for a new one and the cat for some unknown reason does not accept the gift. Let’s take a look at both cases.

The first bed can be the most comfortable and favorite place for your cat. But sometimes you need to figure out how to accustom a cat to a bed:

Choose a convenient place where you can place a basket, a house or a hammock. Often, cat breeders recommend putting the bed in the place where the cat is used to sleeping;
Use tricks. To attract a pet to a new couch, you can apply the smell of mint. Sometimes it can be a flavored pouch. In some cases, catnip is sold in drops. It is better to buy it in a specialized pet store;
Put toys in the bed or attract your pet with an interesting treat;
If you have multiple cats, chances are you may need a couple of beds. In the event that you choose a bed for a cat with kittens, both baskets and houses will do. There are also spacious beds in the form of soft bedding or pillows.

How to potty train a kitten

Let’s imagine what a little kitten needs, which has just been weaned from its mother. Of course, the animal felt safe, warm and comfortable. As soon as the baby is in a new home, it is important to provide him with similar conditions. That is, you have to feed the kitten, take care of him, treat him with love and care. But there is one more thing — physical comfort and a sense of reliability. Therefore, a couch can be useful not only for relaxation. The kitten should get used to its new place. You can try to help him. To make the pet more comfortable in the couch, put a blanket or a toy that smells like a cat mom there. So the baby will begin to perceive the couch as his house.

Where to place a bed

Usually, animals have several places to rest. In addition, these places can change during the year. If in winter the cat needs a warm bed, then in summer he will prefer a spacious and cool one. Of course, options such as a window sill can work well at any time of the year. If your window is insulated and there is a battery near it, you can place a stove bench there. In winter, it is easier to make a pet house or buy it so that it is warm and cozy.

In the summer, the owners can put a bedding on the balcony. It is very good if you have several options, in each of the cat’s favorite places. For example, you can first buy bedding, and after six months — buy a house. This option is well suited if you live in a private house. Then the second couch can be placed in the yard.

Bed care

It’s no secret that every pet should have a set of their own «personal items». These are dishes for food, toys and a couch. The sleeping place is quite an important period of time in the life of any cat. She spends a sufficient amount of time there, which means that it should be comfortable in the box. Little kittens in the bed feel safe and warm.

But your pets also need to be properly cared for. If you bought a bed with a removable cover, you can wash it separately without using bleach. It is very important to rinse the cover well.

You can also periodically clean the bed with a vacuum cleaner or brush. It is important to take into account the fact that if you use a wet brush, after a while the cat’s bed will start to smell bad. Therefore, if you need to clean and remove the smell as much as possible, it is better to wash it. If the design of the couch does not allow this, you can use the following care methods:

Ventilate the litter, periodically taking it out to the street or balcony;
Shake, brush or vacuum;
Clean around the bed;
Watch for odors.

When washing the cover or washing the house with a brush, you can use laundry soap with a not very repulsive smell. It will not only wash, but also disinfect the stove bench. If you have a permanent place for your cat to rest, take a bowl of soapy water and give the bed a good wipe down. Then wash it with a damp, clean cloth and dry.

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