How not to miscalculate with a gift for a child ?!


When I choose a gift for my friends, I first look at what I like myself. It’s not difficult to please me) You just need a gift that is beautiful, of high quality and useful. None of the three can be skipped. For example, I will not wear high-quality and quite healthy socks with a not beautiful print, but I will put them in the farthest corner of the closet so that my mother does not notice and does not force me to wear them. Recently my friend Elephant had a birthday. I puzzled for a long time, because he is so versatile. Elephant loves to dance, sing, draw, blow gum bubbles and walk with me. At first I thought about a dance costume, but guessing with the size, considering that he is growing so fast that his mother enrolled in a sewing course, I changed my mind. Next on the list was a microphone, but at the moment when I began to select the right model on the site, I heard how he sings a song about the Fixies in my soul, and he was at home, and I was at mine. And if I want to sleep or gnaw carrots and dream with my eyes closed, and he will be in the mood to sing?! No, it’s not in my plans. The third option was a large box of chewing gums of various tastes and colors and so airy that if you take 3 things at once, you can inflate such a balloon that you can fly into space. And again I thought. And what if he forgets to tie himself to the bench and go on a trip without me, then I will become sad. Yes, this is selfish, but the teeth also deteriorate, and in the kindergarten the dentist performed a whole real operation with such a terrible piece of iron that I almost fainted while sitting with my mouth open. Finally drawing. We love to draw together. I draw with paints and pencils, and the Elephant with crayons and felt-tip pens. For us to be interested, we need to find everything together. I got fired up with a new idea and chose everything I needed. However, the paints were promised to be delivered the next day, the felt-tip pens in 3 days, and I need everything at once. I can start drawing with paints myself, without waiting for the felt-tip pens and spoil the gift. And I came across a set of everything in one suitcase. Check: beautiful packaging + high-quality (I look at reviews) + a useful gift for the two of us. And at the expense of the walk, I decided this — I called the Elephant for a walk the very first from the yard, and when he came out he gave me a set for drawing. And so it turned out to be a double gift! Since then, we have already drawn a poster for finding a dog, postcards for our mothers and grandmothers, and today we received an order from our friend — to draw a big announcement for a soap party!


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