How not to buy «disposable» toys?

Today there is an endless number of games for children. Starting from homemade toys, ending with super-educators. Don’t list them all. Every parent strives to ensure that their child has everything that is necessary and useful for development. But how many toys are gathering dust on the shelves in the apartment or in boxes in the closet, which the child has hardly touched. How to understand which toy is needed, and which one you should not even pay attention to when choosing?

A few tips if you don’t want toys to be disposable:

  • The toy must be appropriate for your child’s age.
  • Listen to the interests of your child — you should not buy him musical instruments when he himself is absolutely not striving for music
  • Don’t make impulse purchases because the boy next door has it and your kid doesn’t.
  • Especially important toys for a child are those that he dreams about for a long time, or independently saves pocket money (if any) in order to buy himself a long-awaited toy
  • Do not buy toys too often, then the value of the gift itself disappears. The child will take further purchases for granted without anticipation of the holiday. It is better to give toys on a specific occasion.

Our pillows for babies will become not only an indispensable multifunctional assistant for mothers, but also a faithful reliable friend-toy for any baby.

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