How interesting to brighten up the expectation of the New Year for a child?


As you know, time for children does not flow like it does for us adults, flying faster and faster every day. Remember when you were a kid waiting for something. Time passed unbearably long, the wait seemed eternal!

So how interesting is it for a child to brighten up the endlessly long wait for their favorite holiday, the New Year?
An excellent solution would be an Advent calendar waiting for the New Year with tasks and a set of polygraphy for their completion for the month of December!

A stylish, interesting calendar in the form of a Scandinavian gnome or a winter house will fit perfectly into a modern interior, you can place it on a wall or a door. The calendar has 31 pockets for each day of December, 31 date cards and wooden clothespins to place the date on the pocket. You can hang it right away or put it in pockets along with tasks so that the child attaches the number himself every day, at the same time studying the dates.

The set includes 50 cards with tasks to choose from depending on the age and interests of the child + 25 cards for entering your tasks, also, if you are preparing gifts and bonuses for completing tasks, then on additional cards you can write a place where to look for gifts. Tasks develop imagination, memory, drawing skills. Also included is a form for writing to Santa Claus, a form for compiling a menu for the New Year’s table, a form for compiling a list of gifts for loved ones, a form for recording tasks that need to be completed this year, for recording ideas of good deeds.

Cards for finding differences, coloring pages, mazes will provide interesting leisure. 2 sheets with stickers, signature tags will help you beautifully decorate gifts for loved ones. 8 bright postcards will complement them or become a full-fledged sign of attention.

Also included in the print kit:
-2 games: walker and memo. You can play with the whole family, compete to reach the finish line or train your memory.
— a set for creating a garland of flags (A3 sheet with flags for cutting + twine for hanging)
-2 recipes: gingerbread cookies and mulled wine with grape juice

Every day children rejoice at the beginning of a new day and are happy to “open” a new pocket in search of an interesting task!


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