How did the universal bandage Malala 4 in 1


How did the universal bandage Malala 4 in 1

Malala brand started its history 3 years ago. At that time, I was on my third pregnancy, and I decided not to make the same mistakes that I had in the first two.

To save myself from the hated back pain, I began to study all the bandages on the Russian market. And I realized that I don’t want to use them — they are either incorrectly designed and therefore useless or even dangerous, or they are unreasonably expensive! Plus, I wanted to use one product for the entire period, and not change the bandage every time my stomach grows. On the basis of this disappointment, a desire has grown to create something that I will be sure of and that I will use myself. Thousands of reviews studied, personal experience, consultations with the best obstetrician-gynecologists … and in 2017 the world saw the first truly safe and comfortable universal bandage for pregnant women. Malal’s bandage has an exclusively selfish beginning, but, despite this, thousands of girls are grateful for it.

In him:
4 bandages in 1. This means that it can be used for different periods of pregnancy and after childbirth — like a corset.
The back no longer hurts from the word at all, even in the later stages and even if you have more than one baby in your stomach. It feels like someone took and lifted your stomach with both hands))
High-quality hypoallergenic composition: 76% Italian cotton, 12% bamboo soft viscose, 12% elastic spandex.
The legs swell less, as the load on them is reduced, especially this will be a salvation for varicose veins.
Of the future advantages: the risk of stretch marks is significantly reduced, since the stomach is well fixed.
You feel more secure and calm for the baby — the bandage helps him
correct head down position.

In previous pregnancies, I was prescribed a bandage. In the first — I ignored this appointment, in the second — I bought the first one that came across, which constantly slipped. If I had created Malal two pregnancies ago, perhaps now I would not have stretch marks and other delicate problems.

Everyone chooses for himself when to start wearing a bandage. Usually this is from 20-28 weeks — someone needs it earlier, someone later. But before buying, you need to consult a doctor. Take care of your health!


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