For some reason, parents are used to saving on home clothes, dressing their child in old worn clothes. “Well, who will see him in them, this is not an outfit for a walk?” they are sure. I would like to argue. Home wardrobe also requires attention, creates an atmosphere of harmony and comfort. The child will be comfortable in soft, pleasant to the touch clothes, elastic and practical, which will not allow you to sweat or freeze. In addition, from early childhood, every detail affects the development of children, shapes their taste. And things with old stains and sewn holes develop only sloppiness and slovenliness.

«Mini Club», an online store of quality children’s clothing, wants to share useful tips for new parents on how and what clothes to choose for the home.

Styles, sizes and tailoring

How to determine the comfort level of children’s clothing? Nothing complicated. A simple, minimalistic design will suit the home. The main thing is that clothing provides freedom of movement during games. Seams should be soft or hidden. Metal fasteners, buttons, zippers should not touch the baby’s skin, and elastic bands and cuffs should tighten it. It is better to refuse such accessories. For decor, choose prints, appliqués, or embroidery, rather than sharp or hard details.

After all, if clothes cause discomfort, then this affects the mood of the child. As a result, this will first cause discontent, then the whims and tantrums of the baby.

The younger the child, the more responsible it is to choose clothes. The delicate skin of the baby gradually adapts to the harsh realities. Rough fabric can easily injure a little peanut.

At the same time, home clothes should not be expensive. At home, the child sculpts from plasticine, eats, draws and moves actively. And here you can’t do without stains, and a damaged expensive thing will already affect the mood of the parents.

If we talk about the size, you should not buy things for growth. Daily wear and constant washing will wear out the products. Until the beloved child grows to the desired size, the product may already lose its presentable appearance. And the baby will be more comfortable in clothes that fit the size.


The fabric must be breathable, durable, safe and require no special care. Products made from natural fabrics do not cause redness and allergies, allow the skin to breathe and relax. We recommend excluding synthetic fabric that does not allow moisture to pass through. Strongly coloring substances in the composition of the material should also be avoided. A quality item does not smell like chemicals, and the fastest way to check the naturalness of the fabric is to run a napkin over the clothes. If traces remain on the napkin, do not buy it.

High-quality clothes will last a long time and withstand more than 100 washes. At the same time, the color of the product will not change even in places where friction with the skin occurs. Things will not shed while wearing or fade in the sun.

What home clothes to choose for a child

First of all, it is worth focusing on the temperature regime in the apartment. Do not allow hypothermia or overheating of the baby. In addition to air temperature, you need to pay attention to colors. Bright neon colors should be reserved for special occasions. Calm pastel shades are suitable for the home, which soothe the child, help to tune in to daytime or evening sleep.

Little fashionistas love to look beautiful in any situation. Many girls prefer light knit dresses. Although there are fidgets who do not sit still. Here it is better to stay on a T-shirt and shorts. If the apartment or house is cool, then it is better to choose a tracksuit made of soft fabric, trousers and a long-sleeved sweater. As a print, images of cute animals or favorite characters are suitable.

Boys don’t really try to follow fashion. They need freedom of movement. Here it is better to stay on a tracksuit or a set of shorts and a T-shirt made of a material that is pleasant to the touch.

There should be separate sets of clothes for sleeping and waking. It is better to choose pajamas made of cotton fabric. If at night the baby opens up, pulls off the blanket, then it is better to choose warmer pajamas so that the baby does not freeze.

Choosing a children’s wardrobe is a laborious, energy-consuming and responsible business. True, if you do not know where to buy.

Mini Club will gladly make things easier. We offer our customers comfortable and practical clothes for the home, sewn from natural fabrics. Our online store of American and European clothing brands offers a wide range of sizes and designs for every color and taste at affordable prices. Shopping online saves time and parental nerves, and makes it easier to find outfits. And if the child also wants to join the shopping, then he can choose a thing from the catalog according to the pictures.

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