Guys, what are your veins?


Traditionally, the problem of chronic venous insufficiency and its visible manifestation is varicose veins is considered a women’s problem. This is partly true, because women, due to a greater number of risk factors (for example, pregnancywhich obviously bypasses men) are at risk and more likely to have vein problems.

But a modern man is also constantly exposed to loads that adversely affect his veins and the circulatory system as a whole:

— sedentary work in the office;

— long driving trips;

— flights in airplanes;

— weight lifting;

— sports.

All this leads to unpleasant consequences! Here is a far from complete, but already sufficient list of manifestations of chronic venous insufficiency to sound the alarm:

— chronic fatigue;

— pain and heaviness in the legs;

— edema;

— Violation of potency;

— haemorrhoids;

— dilated veins in the legs;

— the formation of blood clots.

But men are men! Complaining and lamenting is not about them! They will endure to the last, and the last is serious, sometimes fatal complications! For example, a blood clot that has come off and traveled through the veins from the legs to the heart. Do you need it?! No need! Moreover, there is a simple and affordable solution that repeatedly reduces the risk of all these dangers and troubles!

We are talking about compression stockings.

«What kind of animal is this?» — asks an inexperienced reader in this field of knowledge, who, fortunately, has not yet encountered the horrors that were discussed above.

BUT medical compression stockings — these are ordinary-looking dense elastic stockings, stockings or tights, but with a unique property! It is knitted from very high-quality elastane and polyamide threads on special, technologically complex and expensive knitting machines according to a special program so that when wearing such knitwear, the pressure on the legs is distributed from the bottom up, while the maximum pressure is from below, at the ankle, and gradually decreases upwards .

With such an effect of compression stockings on the veins, the blood simply does not have a chance to stand lazily in the legs and immediately rushes up to the heart. Therefore, such knitwear is often called «anti-varicose», that is, preventing the appearance and development of those very terrible knotty veins on the legs. The most dangerous blood clots in deep veins are the same consequence of stagnation of blood in the legs, and compression stockings also prevent their appearance.

Many phlebologists and vascular surgeons consider compression hosiery the main method of dealing with chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

“All this is cool, of course, but elastic stockings, and even more so stockings and tights, are all for women!” — courageous representatives of the stronger sex will say. But no!

Russian production company «INTERTEXTILE Corp.» launches a separate collection of INTEX compression stockings especially for men.

For example, INTEX compression stockings, which we produce in a strict, ribbed business style for men. Outwardly, they practically do not differ from the usual high-quality men’s socks or golfs, while they perfectly stimulate blood circulation and prevent blood stasis in the legs.

Separately, we recommend the unique INTEX Universal men’s knee-highs, which will suit most men without the need to spend valuable time on complex sizing.

Be healthy and rich, completely your INTEX!


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