It is not the first season that leather products, and especially eco-leather products, are gaining popularity. In addition to leather trousers, skirts, shorts and raincoats, fashionistas especially liked dresses and sundresses made of this quality material. In addition to the classic black color, nude, flesh-colored skin tone is also very popular, as well as the invariable dark green and burgundy.

It should be noted that eco-leather products are wear-resistant and do not cause any special problems in care. Let’s see what to wear these products with in 2021 to stay on the wave of this trend.

Pants and shorts

These products can be safely combined not only with warm knitwear in the cold season, but also complement the image with light blouses or T-shirts, creating both a business and casual look. A suit jacket and rough boots or high boots, in the case of shorts, complete this look very well.


Here, the styles are much more diverse: this is the pleated skirt, which is still popular in recent years, and the permanent classic pencil skirt, trapeze skirts of various lengths and without processing the bottom, with a “raw” edge. Also interesting are new solutions with an asymmetric cut. You can complete the look with both a blouse and a turtleneck, complemented by various jewelry, for example, a thin chain with a pendant or a large decoration.


Definitely one of the leaders of this trend. The jacket can be used all year round, and in the transitional season it easily replaces the jacket. A chiffon dress will easily make a romantic pair with a leather jacket, and a small handbag will complement the set. But don’t ignore both banana jeans and skinny skinny jeans, depending on your preference. You can adequately complement the image with a ribbed turtleneck or a transparent mesh bodysuit.


From mini to midi, slim fit to loose fit. A fresh trend, puff sleeves, is still popular here; in a leather product, this looks especially impressive and attracts attention. It should be noted that it is for dresses that embossing on the skin is relevant, which gives a “naturalness” to the material, this is, like a corrugated surface, and an imitation of reptile skin. Feel free to complete the image with high boots, even if the product overlaps them with its length.

Sundresses and shirt dresses

A sundress can be either on its own or complete with a blouse, depending on whether you need a casual look or you are going to a party. A shirt dress can also be complemented with a turtleneck, no one has canceled the 70s yet, so feel free to complete the look with vintage glasses or a handbag.

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