Children love quick dry snacks such as corn sticks, breakfast cereals in the form of various figures and pillows, muesli and granola. Of course, parents are interested in at what age they can give this food to their children, is it a full meal or is it a snack.

Corn sticks

A treat that grandmothers love to give to their grandchildren. In Soviet times, the choice of dry breakfasts was small: sticks and corn flakes. Alas, this is not the best option for a snack, and, moreover, you should not replace a meal with them, especially such an important one as breakfast.

Corn sticks

Sticks, cereals and various figures are made not from whole grains, but from flour, they contain a lot of sugar, there are flavoring and nutritional supplements, few vitamins and vegetable fiber. They can be covered with glaze, which increases the calorie content. May also contain dyes.

Dry breakfasts

Not recommended for children under 5 years of age. After this age, you can eat occasionally, do not get carried away. Remember that this is not food, but a dessert that is slightly healthier than candy.


They are made from whole and crushed grains. They can be with fruit and berry additives, contain nuts and seeds, which makes them a potential allergen.

Muesli and granola

Muesli can be poured with milk, kefir or yogurt and given no more than 1 time per week as a breakfast or afternoon snack for children over 3 years old. Until 6-7 years old, it should be given only boiled.

They contain a lot of coarse dietary fiber, which, if abused, can adversely affect children’s incompletely matured gastrointestinal tract.


It’s a baked muesli mix. As a rule, granola is sweeter than muesli, because. sugar is already present as a sweetener, unlike muesli, you cannot adjust the amount to your taste.


You can give after 5-6 years and not more than 1-2 times a week. Granola can replace 1 snack or it can become a full meal, provided that it is filled with milk, kefir or yogurt. Juice should not be poured, because. granola already contains sugar.

Muesli and granola can be made in the form of bars, making it easy to eat out.

Muesli and granola

Prepare homemade muesli or granola and give it to the children, taking into account the age without fear, because this way you will know exactly what is included in the composition. When buying a finished product, pay attention to the composition and age labeling if the product is intended for baby food.

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