Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 6 tips on how to find the perfect assistant

The average life cycle of household appliances is 5-7 years; quality equipment lasts longer. Therefore, choosing assistants for such a long period of time is a responsible matter. After all, you need to choose a technique that does not cost like gold and diamonds, and copes with its tasks, and it is easy and convenient to manage it. Today we will talk about how to choose the right vacuum cleaner that will make your life easier and more comfortable. We have prepared 6 useful tips.

For a one-room apartment or studio, an upright vacuum cleaner may be the best choice — it is easier for him to find a storage place in a small area. Yes, and a modest volume of the dust collector (optimally 0.8-1 l) will be quite enough. For a house or a large apartment, choose a classic configuration vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to the volume of the dust container. The larger the bag or trash container, the less often you will have to empty it.

Tip 2. Decide on the type of filtration system

According to the type of filtration, vacuum cleaners are divided into traditional (bag), cyclone (container) and vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter (hookah and separator). Traditional vacuum cleaners are those in which dust enters a special dust bag. When cleaning with such a vacuum cleaner, fine dust particles fall back into the air. There is direct contact with dust when replacing the bag, and this is a big minus for allergy sufferers and people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system. Cyclone vacuum cleaners are a more advanced option. They work on the principle of a centrifuge — they not only collect dust, but also compact it under the action of centrifugal force. Thus, more dust is placed in the container and the suction power practically does not drop. And also the container is more convenient to clean, the dust practically does not scatter. The most environmentally friendly option is vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter. They are larger in volume, dust and debris that have fallen into the vacuum cleaner are collected in a container of water. Thanks to this, vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter trap up to 99% of all dust particles, returning a purified air stream to the room. Therefore, such vacuum cleaners are called «air washing» and are used to clean not only the floor, but also the air in the room.

Tip 3. Decide on tasks

If you are configured only for dry cleaning, choose a vacuum cleaner without the function of washing the floor, it will cost you less. If saving time and effort is important, you want to collect dust and wash the floor with one device — your choice is washing vacuum cleaners. They are more expensive, but they have two modes of operation — dry and wet cleaning. Pay attention to the volume of the water tank in such vacuum cleaners — if the apartment or house is very large and the floor is very dirty, the water in the tank may need to be replaced. If you are ready to completely trust mechanical assistants and not do maintenance cleaning at all, pay attention to robots -vacuum cleaners. They can also be designed for dry cleaning only or for dry and wet cleaning. Keep in mind that robot vacuums have difficulty crossing thresholds and are not very successful at cleaning high pile carpets. It is important to make sure that before starting the robot vacuum cleaner there is no dirt on the floor that can be “spread” all over the floor — for example, greasy food or paints that a child used to draw. To quickly clean a small area, for example, sand in the hallway or crumbling semolina on kitchen, you should think about an upright vacuum cleaner. It will be a great help as an additional vacuum cleaner, and in a small apartment it will perfectly replace a traditional vacuum cleaner and save space.

Tip 4. Pay attention to accessories

Almost always, a set of nozzles comes with a modern vacuum cleaner. Each of them makes the cleaning process even more efficient.The set of accessories may include:

  • Carpet nozzle
  • Nozzle for linoleum/laminate
  • Parquet brush
  • Universal nozzle with quick floor/carpet switch
  • Crevice tool for cleaning in hard to reach places
  • Turbo brush for deep cleaning of carpets
  • Brush attachment for furniture cleaning
  • Clothes brush attachment
  • Nozzle for collecting animal hair
  • Electrostatic nozzle for cleaning the surface of cabinet furniture
  • Nozzle for cleaning mattresses and pillows

    Tip 5: Find out the important details

    The range of the vacuum cleaner, the diameter of the telescopic tube — the little things that make up comfortSuction power (not motor power).It is optimal if the suction power is 350 Watts/AeroWatt and above for classic format vacuum cleaners, and at least 200 Watts/AeroWatt for upright vacuum cleaners.Power adjustment.The presence of power adjustment is especially important when using one nozzle you clean different surfaces. In this case, when collecting small debris from a hard floor, the power can be reduced — so the brush will not “stick” to the floor.Extension tube diameter.The standard and optimal diameter of the telescopic extension tube of the vacuum cleaner is 32 mm. Big brands tend to stick to this standard. This diameter of the tube is good because it will be easy to find compatible accessories for the vacuum cleaner if they are not included in the kit or if your favorite brush head is broken.Radius of action.For classic modern wired vacuum cleaners, the optimal length of the network cable is at least 5-6 meters, then the range of the vacuum cleaner will be comfortable. By the way, for some ARNICA vacuum cleaners, the length of the power cord reaches 8 meters, the range is 11 meters!

    Tip 6. Look at the manufacturer’s warranty period

    A 36-month (3-year) warranty is exactly 3 times more profitable than a 1-year warranty. The standard warranty period for most manufacturers is 1 year. For an extended warranty (2-3 years), the store may offer you to pay extra separately. But some manufacturers, who are sure of the quality of their products, are ready to immediately give a guarantee for a longer period. So for most ARNICA vacuum cleaners the warranty is 3 years, for vertical ones — 2 years. During this time, free warranty service is valid for you. By the way, you can get an additional one year warranty for free. We will definitely tell you about it in one of the following articles!SO: Questions that are important to ask yourself when choosing a vacuum cleaner:

    • What area do I need to clean with a vacuum cleaner?
    • What type of dust collection is best for me?
    • What tasks do I want to solve — just collect dust? To clear the air of dust? Wash the floor? Quickly collect crumbled cereals in the kitchen?
    • What accessories does the vacuum cleaner I want to buy have?
    • Am I satisfied with the power and length of the cord of the vacuum cleaner? What if I want to buy additional nozzles — will they fit my vacuum cleaner?
    • What is the manufacturer’s warranty for this vacuum cleaner?

We wish you pleasant and useful cleaning!

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