A cordless compact vacuum cleaner is an ideal gift for both a car enthusiast and a hostess!


One of the most difficult tasks that probably everyone has encountered is the difficulty in choosing a gift, especially if it is a gift for a man.

We offer you the best solution to help you with this issue.

Gift set!
Wireless vacuum cleaner in a gift box, which additionally includes 3 nozzles, a USB charging cable, 2 spare HEPA filters, a convenient bag — a vacuum cleaner case, instructions in Russian and gift wrapping. All this is delivered in a shipping box, which will provide additional protection and your gift will arrive to you safe and sound.

The most important plus of such a gift is that it will not lie idle, the car vacuum cleaner will always be used for its intended purpose.

In addition, this is not an old-style vacuum cleaner, with a 4 meter cord that will get tangled underfoot and which can only be used in a car.
Our handheld vacuum cleaner is a modern device for dealing with small debris, which is completely autonomous and you can use it both in the car and at home, both for cleaning under the car seats and for cleaning the baby’s chair at home. Also, our powerful cordless vacuum cleaner is often taken for bookshelves, keyboards, in the office, for cleaning the workplace and for cleaning pet hair.

After the appearance of this little helper, its owner will be very happy, because now, if the kids scatter something in the car, this will no longer mean long chores with cleaning. All this will be removed in a matter of minutes and with great pleasure.

Follow the link to get acquainted with the product card of this car vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner in the car, mini vacuum cleaner home


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