6 tips for choosing summer shoes


Summer is a time of hot sunny days, active pastime, rest and work. Today, more than ever, manufacturers indulge their customers with an abundance of models, materials and style solutions for shoes. How to choose summer shoes correctly? It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of not only your taste and fashion, but also the anatomical features of the foot, the shape of the legs.


The best material for summer shoes, of course, is genuine leather: it allows the foot to “breathe”. But if you have chosen shoes made of artificial materials or textiles, please note that the interior of the shoes is made of genuine leather.

Pay attention also to the insole. It is desirable that it be taken out of closed shoes. On a hot day, you can also sweat in shoes made from natural materials, so it is advisable to wash and dry the insole from time to time.

The size

Choose shoes that fit you exactly. If the sole is too long or vice versa short, then the load on the leg is distributed unevenly and this can lead to the fact that you fall, and at the same time get an unpleasant injury.

The toes should not extend beyond the sole, as well as the heel. There should be no more than 5-10 mm of free space at the toe and heel when putting on shoes.

Types of summer shoes are quite diverse. Let’s see what features of the legs they are suitable for.


Sandals are distinguished by the fact that they are always made on a flat sole, with an abundance of straps.

If you have a wide foot, or protruding joints, sandals will fit perfectly. Choose models made of genuine leather — over time, they will fully adapt to individual characteristics, and you will feel light and comfortable.


Sandals are perhaps one of the most popular types of shoes, they embody comfort and grace.

Women with a wide foot will not fit too open sandals, when the heel and toe are connected by an open space, their models are with closed sidewalls.

If your first toe is shorter than the rest, don’t buy open-toed sandals, you might be advised to wear shoes with a small hole in the toe where you can’t see which toe is longer.

For overweight and short women, sandals on the platform are perfect. Platform shoes can visually slim and make legs longer.

Sports shoes

Slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers are suitable for active and stylish women. Closed models will protect from dust, which is very important for city residents. With rounded feet or imperfect toes, closed shoes are the best option.

Following our advice, you will be able to choose the right summer shoes that will fit your feet. Add us to your favorite brands and choose comfortable shoes!


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