6 simple tips for answering children’s questions


Children’s questions should always be treated with respect, not dismissed, but answered competently and tactfully. Answers to children’s questions should be accessible for his understanding, but also encourage reflection. Listen carefully to the child, trying to understand what exactly interested him in the subject or phenomenon that he is asking about.

6 simple tips on how to answer children’s questions:

  • Give short answers, accessible to the understanding of the baby, while avoiding complex words, book turns of the language.
  • The answer of an adult should not only give the child new knowledge, but also encourage him to further observations and reflections.
  • Encourage the child’s independent mental activity by answering his counter question: “What do you think?”
  • Answering the question of the child, influence his feelings, cultivate sensitivity, tact to the people around him.
  • Be patient, speak in a calm tone, and do not try to force your own thought on the child.
  • You need to answer children’s questions with pleasure — and this is the main thing!

The child should develop his own thinking, the desire for independent problem solving. Thus, you can help the formation and development of the individuality of the child.

The main thing to understand is that a child should learn the world together with you — loving and attentive parents.


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