5 rules for maintaining health after 35 years

healthy eating

  • Drink more water. An adult needs about 8 glasses of fluid per day. This amount includes all drinks and liquid foods (such as soups). But it is better to replace strong tea and coffee with clean water. Try to learn to drink a glass of water immediately after waking up: this allows you to wake up faster yourself and «wake up» the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. A hearty, balanced meal in the morning will provide you with energy and the strength of the afternoon. Coffee and cake will not work: the best option would be to combine cottage cheese or eggs, porridge and fruits.
  • Rethink your eating habits. Nutritionists advise to compose each meal in this way: half the plate is fresh vegetables, a quarter is a side dish (porridge or starchy vegetables), and another quarter is protein (meat, cottage cheese, eggs or fish). If possible, it is worth getting rid of sugar and sauces in order to get used to the natural taste of food. Try to give up sweets, fast food and snacks.
  • Eat on time. Try to go at least two hours without food before going to bed. Distribute meals up so that there is no break for more than 3-4 hours.

Sleep and rest

  • Organize your bed. The bed should be comfortable, the mattress and pillows firm enough to support your back while you sleep. Ventilate the bedroom in the evening. If the light and the sounds of the street interfere, use a night mask for the eyes of Iberushi.
  • Don’t Save Sleep Time. To be healthy, an adult needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. We can work hard for a while and stay awake for 20 hours, but this will lead to problems and poor health.
  • Change your activities. The best rest is a change of activity. If the work is connected with physical labor, it is not worth it when you come home to immediately rush for repairs and cleaning.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible. These are communication with unpleasant people, uncomfortable work, problems in personal life, failures in creativity or favorite activities. If it is impossible to get rid of sources of stress, it is better to contact a specialist in order to learn how to properly respond to stimuli.

healthy habits

  • Set up a daily routine. This will help organize time, work and leisure. With a clear schedule, you will not sit back until late at night, you will not skip meals or sports, and you will also stop forgetting about the necessary rest.
  • Warm up. The more often you get up, the better for your legs, back and heart. It is best to walk a little and stretch every 20 minutes. But activity even once in an hour will save you from fatigue and restore efficiency.
  • Get rid of bad habits. It’s hard, and you may have to turn to professionals. But the improvement in well-being and health after giving up alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances is worth all the effort.
  • Take care of hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating, after going to the toilet or outside. Shower daily, brush teeth at least twice a day. These simple steps will save you from many infectious diseases.
  • Take your time. There is no point in trying to acquire all these habits at once. It is better to start gradually so that they do not cause tension and firmly enter your life.

Medicine and body check

Vitamins and herbs. Using only natural ingredients, for example, regularly taking herbal elixirs, you can strengthen the immune system, remove toxins and toxins, protect against radiation, heal blood vessels, and protect the gastrointestinal mucosa. Plus, the use of elixirs reduces cholesterol in the blood and normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system as a whole. Such dietary supplements can be purchased on the marketplace:

Get regular medical checkups. So you can notice diseases in time, when they are easiest to cure. It is best to do this at least once a year.

Fitness Support

Enter physical activity daily routine. Hard workouts are completely optional: to be healthy, it is enough to walk at a brisk pace for half an hour. Gradually, you can begin to abandon the elevators and get off over two or three stops earlier. Activity in the morning will cheer you up, a leisurely walk in the evening will improve your well-being.

Maintain your weight within limits. If you have a clear lack or excess of mass, try to correct it. This, and the other negatively affects the health of the supporting and cardiovascular systems.

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