Winter coat-transformer: how to buy one coat and get three?


For this winter, the designers of the CITY SAVANI brand could not resist the temptation to show their creativity and developed a coat that can transform into 3 things. It is designed in such a way that its lower part can be unfastened with two horizontal zippers hidden under the flap, and the thing turns into an elongated jacket or a short jacket. The CITY SAVANI transforming coat is an original and practical thing that can transform, and is one of the most relevant and profitable purchases of the season. Wearing the same thing, you have the opportunity to look different.

The model has three lengths: to the thigh, to the middle of the thigh and below the knee. It is important that it is cost-effective: buying one coat, you get 3 things! Choose a convenient option for the weather, image or mood!

Frost outside the window — use the full length for maximum comfort on the street. Is it getting warmer? We boldly unfasten the lower part of the coat, and the length becomes universal — up to the middle of the thigh! Finally, the third option is a thigh-length jacket, which will be comfortable to move around in a car or create an up-to-date sporty look. The transformer will be ideal on a country trip — with such a coat you can not take unnecessary things with you.

However, three length options are not all. The coat has a cozy and comfortable voluminous hood that will protect you from wind and precipitation. On the front there are two deep side pockets, inside there is an additional hidden one (for a variety of and most necessary little things). Soft knitted cuffs are sewn into the sleeves — for better protection from the cold. The central clasp is a reliable zipper, which is complemented by a windproof placket with buttons and three external fastex buckles.

The straight cut of the model does not constrain movements and is very convenient to use.

Inside the product there is a modern insulation — bio-fluff with a density of 235 g / sq. m. This is an innovative synthetic fabric that holds heat well — just like natural fluff. But bio-fluff does not deform after washing and retains its original shape for a long time. Bio-down is almost weightless and does not absorb moisture, so a coat with such a filler dries out after washing almost instantly — it is enough to dry the main fabric.

Another plus of biofluff is that it does not cause irritation and itching, which makes it great for people with sensitive skin or those prone to allergies. Also, biofluff does not smell and does not absorb external odors.

The CITY SAVANI transformable coat in the trendy khaki color is ideally combined with bright accessories and will help you to be in trend in any weather. Jeans, a long dress or a short skirt — any item in your wardrobe will fit under this coat, just change the length to the desired one. Perhaps you should treat yourself to an original and practical new thing that will delight more than one winter season!


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