White women’s shirts. Which shirt to choose: a classic fitted cut or an oversized shirt?

Even if you don’t have a strictly business dress code at work, a white women’s shirt is such a versatile item that having it in your wardrobe will definitely not make you wonder what to wear. The product can be worn and combined with anything: with classic and tight pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.

But which shirt is better to choose: a classic fitted shirt or an oversized shirt to look spectacular in any outfit? Of course, it all depends on what style you mostly prefer. Fitted shirts are timeless classics that will never go out of style. This type of shirt, as a rule, is chosen by lovers of strictly classical or business styles and those who do not like to experiment with looks.

White women’s oversized shirts have also been a steady trend for more than a season, but they give more scope for fantasies and experiments with style.

They can be worn over a T-shirt or a warm turtleneck in winter, which does not look so impressive with a fitted white shirt.

You can experiment by tucking or loosening the ends of the shirt, or tying them into a knot on the stomach.

With an oversized shirt, you can effectively lower your shoulders or collar, casually roll up your sleeves, which is not so easy to do with fitted shirts.

And of course, fitted shirts do not forgive a couple of kilograms gained, plentiful feasts and are absolutely not suitable as clothes for pregnant women. Oversized shirts work great here. In the store of our brand ANVARRI you can find stylish white women’s oversized shirts that will not go out of fashion for a long time.

The assortment of the store also includes oversized shirts with a patch pocket and massive elbow patches in a trendy houndstooth print.

Perfect fit, fashionable loose sleeves, high quality fabrics and accessories — we have provided everything so that you not only always look luxurious, but also wear oversized shirts for a long time.


Women’s oversized white classic shirt: 90420190

Women’s oversized white classic shirt with patch pocket: 42956182

Women’s oversized white classic shirt with beige patches houndstooth: 90419930

Women’s oversized white classic shirt with blue patches houndstooth: 42970080

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