When to wear socks with shoes?


Socks and shoes: when are they appropriate, and when do they raise questions and bewilderment? Catwalk stylists offer extravagant combinations that look strange and incomprehensible in real life, causing misunderstanding and laughter among others. With all the fashionable delights, there are still some rules that should be followed. At the same time, there are nuances for women and men. Although in most cases the approach is identical. Let’s look at an example.

We will analyze cases when socks are inappropriate

  • Socks should not be worn with sandals!
  • Socks should not be worn with shorts.
  • Espadrilles don’t go with socks either.
  • Deck shoes do not include socks.
  • Loafers, no matter what, should also be worn without socks.
  • Oxfords with perforations exclude the wearing of socks.
  • Socks should not be worn with slippers.

These cases exclude the wearing of long socks, if it is uncomfortable and unpleasant for you, then you can always put on foot-socks. This option is more hygienic, and also does not destroy your image.

Prohibitions on socks in women’s shoes

In the middle of the last century, socks under shoes were considered the norm, the same was the case with sandals. And even now we can see similar images at fashion shows. But more often, fashion shows outrageous images that are most often not used in everyday life. Nevertheless, the image of shoes with socks still causes dissonance in people’s heads. The sock on the bare foot remains a classic.

  • Flip flops and sandals — originally invented for a beach holiday, rather than an office dress code and city walks. These models of shoes are not combined with socks, meaning wearing on a bare foot;
  • Sandals. Already in the title is a sock on a bare foot.
  • Clogs and mules — the lack of a heel implies an option for warm seasons, not combined with socks;
  • Ballet shoes do not welcome the presence of socks, focused on emphasizing the ankles. By the way, according to etiquette, it is not recommended to combine them with nylon socks or tights to match the shoes;
  • Pumps. A classic in a women’s wardrobe, which is also not worn with socks. The only thing that autumn models are allowed to wear is tights matched to match the shoes — this option will allow you to slightly lengthen your legs and look quite seductive;
  • Socks under moccasins prohibited even for podium options;
  • Women’s loafers – different models and different styles of finishes (tassel, buckle, penny, heels or wedges, flat or “tractor” soles) also allow options with or without socks. These no-sock shoes are the perfect complement to women’s looks with shorts or short dresses. At the same time, it is allowed to wear short socks or invisible socks under the pants, leaving the ankles open;
  • Slippers, invented as home shoes for aristocrats precisely to replace the comfort of wearing without socks. Therefore, the rule here is the same — the exception of both socks and tights;
  • Topsiders, representing shoes for yachtsmen, are also associated with light summer looks — shorts or short sports skirts. Socks for summer shoes are taboo;
  • Ankle boots with open toes — these shoes, which look like autumn models, specially opened the toe to demonstrate a well-groomed pedicure. So there can be no talk of socks.

In fact, everyone needs to know the rules on how to wear shoes with or without socks in order to look stylish in any companies and in any circumstances. At the same time, you need to correctly apply them depending on the situation, creating high comfort for yourself and remaining an icon of style.

The choice is always yours, subscribe to us and don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!


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