What sneakers and sneakers to wear this summer?


Canvas shoes created for yachting are considered the prototype of sneakers and sneakers. There is also a version that the sneakers were created for therapeutic purposes: a kind of corset for the foot.

But whatever the history of the creation of sneakers, we can definitely say that this is the most comfortable shoe.

In the article we tell you which sneakers are in trend this summer.

Massive sole continue to wear with pleasure. Massive shoes remain fashionable, which we are very happy about. In addition to sneakers, there may be sneakers with unusual soles, you might like this option. See photo below.

pearl skin — makes sports shoes an option for going out. Sneakers made of such leather are ideally combined with elegant dresses.

Gentle colors — in fashion every year in one form or another. Beige or soft pink sneakers and sneakers are good because they fit almost many looks.

Classic design — goes well with both sportswear and strict. Ideal for school uniforms.

Brand IRIDIS presents a wide range of sneakers and sneakers that are suitable for different occasions.


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