What panties to wear in winter?


“Put on a hat” and “warm your ass” are grandmother’s favorite phrases with the onset of cold weather. We know stories about how fleece pantaloons protected appendages and helped build a brighter future, we know from childhood. We will not «mumble teeth» and frighten you with female diseases while wearing thongs in winter. To intimidate the people there are medical programs on TV. We’d better tell you what panties to wear in winter, so that your ass doesn’t die, and self-esteem doesn’t burrow in a snowdrift. What you should definitely get rid of in the cold season until spring: thin panties made of artificial and natural silk — this material cools the skin; lace models; low-rise panties and thongs. The best material for winter shorts is viscose, elastane, cotton. The main rule is to cover the lower back and abdomen. At very low temperatures, it is best to wear thermal underwear. With a slight frost, slips or shorts will cope with the protection of the “lower chakra”.

Models with a high fit will help not only to insulate feminine charms, but also hide the tummy. Art. 16846635, 6118055, 31296857.

Slips are universal shorts that come to the rescue in any weather. Art. 42941167, 7565502, 14629318, 14023259.

Retro-style pantaloons are not “granny” options, but stylish underwear. Art. 13811257, 36322055, 31309084.

Models with a drawstring effect can be worn under dress pants. Art. 34024618, 29443879, 31290938.

If you cannot do without lace, wear models with small lace inserts Ref. 7565503, 14629317.

Warming the ass in winter should still not be done with the help of «fur» shorts. To do this, there are insulated pants, leggings, woolen skirts and dresses, elongated jackets, coats and fur coats. It is enough to have a pair of thermal panties in the wardrobe, the rest of the intimate winter wardrobe will be completely dispensed with universal models.

Wear comfortable and high-quality underwear I like lingerie and be healthy!


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