What jewelry will be in fashion in spring-summer 2022


Fashionable women’s jewelry in vintage style is now at the height of fashion. Designers are reimagining antique jewelry found in a family heirloom box.


Designers considered jewelry with pearls to be the best addition to summer looks (many noticed the combination of natural pearls with silver was especially interesting). If you want — get a fashionable design creation or try to make it yourself — from «trophies» brought from the sea.

Flowers and butterflies

The summer theme was continued by the brands Carolina Herrera, Anna Sui and Brandon Maxwell: their collections included nostalgic «childish» necklaces with butterflies and flower pendants and luxurious gold-colored floral sets.

Round earrings

The hoop earrings loved by many will not go anywhere in the spring. Designers offers large congo earrings without complications, made in silver.

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