What jewelry to wear this summer?

Summer is like a weekend where June is Friday, July is Saturday, and August is Sunday. It’s just as beautiful and goes by just as fast…

Summer is a time of unbridled freedom. This is the time of the year when when choosing jewelry, we can not be limited by any framework. Summer is a great opportunity to showcase all the treasures of your jewelry box, even the brightest, most unusual and catchy ones.

Leave aside too heavy accessories (overly large necklaces, overly massive metal bracelets, etc.) — they are unlikely to be in harmony with summer skirts and dresses made of light translucent fabrics.

Exception are only handmade necklaces using natural stones, beads, shells. One such piece of jewelry can become the centerpiece of your summer look. It is better to wear it with a sundress or a long skirt and a top. Summer decorations should be light, bright, original and cheerful.

Even a strict office style can be slightly diversified with bright and non-trivial decorations. Graceful medium-sized necklaces and bracelets with pearls are suitable for plain summer dresses.

Bracelets…Lots of bracelets

Summer is the time for bracelets. Light blouses and T-shirts encourage you to pay special attention to this type of jewelry. Try not to encase your wrist in thick leather or heavy metal alloys. For summer walks, bracelets that hang freely on the arm are best suited. It can be either one bracelet, or several at the same time. And maybe a whole series of bracelets on each arm.

Summer is the time of holidays, and completely different decorations are relevant during the holidays! On vacation we take only the best with us, and we place much more hope on holiday jewelry than on ordinary everyday jewelry. After all, decorations on vacation are designed to give clothes (the amount of which is strictly limited by the size of the suitcase) new images. You can take one solid color dress with you, and it will look completely different when paired with a pearl necklace and a glam rock choker collar. In the morning you can practice the first option, in the evening — the second. While abroad, be sure to buy some jewelry as a keepsake. Firstly, they will look very unusual in your usual latitudes, and secondly, you will be pleased to wear them and remember a great vacation.

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