What colors of bags are in fashion in the fall of 2022


Every girl who follows trends tries to keep up with fashion and choose bright looks, no matter what time of the year is outside the window. And if the beauties have already managed to show almost all summer accessories on walks and travels, then you definitely haven’t managed to choose autumn ones yet. Time to act: today we will find the best bags, shopping bags and backpacks in trendy fall shades.

What color bag will be the fashion trend in autumn 2022?

Saturated colors for unforgettable evening events, light nude for every day or practical and comfortable bags for active girls — what do you prefer more?

The fashion experts of the Paprika Bag Italy store assure: the time has come for bold experiments that will not leave indifferent either the fair sex or men who are attentive to details.

This time, designers offer girls to choose handbags for their favorite outfits, presented in the following colors:

  1. White or beige. A universal option for every day, which can be safely combined with both a coat of an unusual shade and a matching trench coat — it looks elegant and does not overload the image.
  • Burgundy. The solution is effective and non-trivial. The main rule when choosing a burgundy bag or shopper is to take into account the overall color scheme so as not to overload the image and not look ridiculous.
  • Blue. Do you like to be the center of attention and surprise others? Then choose a handbag or a small backpack in a deep blue shade. But do not forget that the accessory should be in harmony with the clothes.
  • Fuchsia. An interesting choice for cloudy autumn days, when you want more bright colors. The color is juicy and even appetizing — you will not be left without compliments from acquaintances and random passers-by.
  • Yellow. The color of true happiness. It catches the eye and energizes, which is so lacking in autumn. By the way, you can buy a unique yellow handbag made of genuine leather with a strap handle in this store.

    But what about the classics?

    It’s no secret that black is considered a classic of the bag genre. Are you used to strict shades and are you a supporter of conservatism? Excellent. Fall 2022 trends allow you to complement the look with a black bag with or without gold or silver elements — choose what you like best. Choosing a beautiful and practical autumn bag that will fit a girl’s wardrobe is a difficult task, but doable. Using our recommendations, you can find the best accessory to always be in fashion.


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