We open the summer season. How to save the skin of the hands? Three secrets from a dermatologist


With juicy swollen buds and an alluring, sweetish-tart aroma of awakened black earth, a thirst for creation awakens!

What is the price of contemplation of self-created beauty? The price of hand skin exposed to the aggressive effects of earth, sand, caustic plant sap and acid-enriched moisture?

Do you remember that after the winter period, the epidermis is rather dehydrated and thinned — this is how dry indoor air and deficiency affect it. Therefore, in the spring, the skin of the hands becomes more sensitive, easily inflamed and difficult to tolerate primary contact with both acidic and alkaline environments. Why is it important to take care of your hands every day?

The dermatologist of the ZAMOTIN MANUFACTURA team, with the participation of which a line of care cream-scrubs for hands was developed, recommends:

  1. Whenever possible, physically protect your hands in a barrier way when interacting with the ground, do not neglect rubber gloves, the greenhouse effect on the skin will be much lower for hands than direct contact with the soil
  2. Mandatory use detergent if contact with the soil has taken place, even the most “safe” piece of land can contain pathogenic bacteria
  3. Moisturize your hands with nourishing low molecular weight oils. ZAMOTIN MANUFACTURA hand scrub contains a group of natural exfoliating parts that gently cleanse the skin without damaging the skin, and nourish the epidermis cells with a complex of regenerating, soothing oils.

Be attentive to yourself, take care and love your hands. Remember — your hands will speak for you! They cannot be hidden with a beautiful dress, they cannot be covered with a scarf, they cannot be preserved with “beauty injections”, hands need daily, gentle care!

The specialization of ZAMOTIN MANUFACTURA production is the careful care of hands with the help of natural ingredients. A line of hand scrubs from the premium brand ZAMOTIN MANUFACTURA Verified, professional recipes are effective for any age, you will see the result after the first application!

We know how to take care of you, we create cosmetics for ourselves!


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