A good gift doesn’t need a reason. Books, for example, can be given at least every day. They delight both on a holiday, and on vacation, and as a surprise. And those of them, which we will talk about today, will not leave indifferent any little fidget!

How to choose the right book?

There are three paths before you:

1. If your child wants a specific book, series, or series of stories, then you’re in luck. Ordered — donated. The easiest way.

2. If a son or daughter does not have clear wishes, but you know what they are fond of and what heroes they love, then this is also a good option — it will not be difficult to hit the target.

3. If the child does not have pronounced interests or changes them very quickly, then you have a real guessing quest. In this case, it is worth giving well-written collections of funny stories or thematic encyclopedias with high-quality and spectacular illustrations.

We have prepared several books that will make it easier for parents to search and will surely appeal to young readers from 3 to 8 years old.

The Big Book of Dragons and Other Fantastic Creatures by Laurence Kubler

Why is the dragon tap-dancing instead of fulfilling his direct duties and protecting the princess? What to do if you can’t wait to meet the elves? How, in general, to learn to understand all these fantastic creatures that have gathered in huge numbers under the cover of this book? Each of them prepared a funny story about themselves for young readers, so that the publication became like an impressive catalog of fairy-tale creatures, which is impossible to read without laughing!

The child will get acquainted with the beauty Bernadette three meters long and eight meters wide, find out where the Bubble Jules lives and how the dwarf Boris differs from the dwarf Lucien. It is impossible to part with these hilarious guys, even if it is already late evening outside the window.

This book is a great surprise for a child and a real decoration of a children’s bookshelf. It is richly decorated with colorful illustrations, full of ironic descriptions of the characters and from the very first pages immerses the reader into an atmosphere of magic and adventure. And most importantly, that it is not scary, but on the contrary, incredibly sincere, exciting and fun!

The Big Book of Myths. Gods and heroes from all over the world» Marcia Accatino

Every child sooner or later comes into contact with the world epic. Scandinavian legends, Indian parables or Mayan tales — many of these stories have survived to this day and have become the basis of films, theatrical productions, animated series, video game scripts. A beautifully designed children’s encyclopedia of legends and myths from around the world is the base that every child should study. The book introduces the most famous gods, heroes and monsters of different cultures. The myths of Ancient Greece coexist in it with traditional Chinese legends, and the legends of the North American Indians get along well with the religious cult of Ancient Egypt. Centaurs, satyrs, sirens and trolls are also here and are waiting for an opportunity to tell their amazing stories to little explorers.

Large format book with bright illustrations on smooth pages. The drawings were created by Laura Brenlla, a talented artist who knows how to make children fall in love with reading through a picture. Her characters are depicted here in a cartoon style so loved by children.

This encyclopedia will perfectly fit into any children’s library and will be a worthy guide for a child to the world of legends and myths from around the world.

The Big Book of Beautiful Princesses by Federica Magrin

Beautiful princesses perfectly know how to surprise! In this book, they brew potions, dance with monsters, amaze with their ingenuity and courage, and, of course, enchant with their charm. Luck in the form of a good fairy is always with them, and they can handle the rest perfectly themselves.

Belle and Snow White, Princess Budur and Pocahontas, Ariel and Rapunzel, along with other famous heroines, have gathered to tell the children their innermost secrets and invite them on a journey through the magical kingdom. They will explain why real princesses need animal helpers, what to do when they are scared, and how to avoid meeting evil rulers.

Graphic designer Laura Brenlla first studied at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Europa de Madrid, and then spent two years studying animation techniques. Therefore, the drawings in this book are like funny cartoons — juicy, funny and incredibly cute.

Good parables with a good dose of humor will instantly capture the attention of everyone who loves magic, miracles and beautiful fairy tales. This is a truly unusual and memorable guide to the universe of magical princesses.

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