The choice of fabric for a summer dress is a feasible task for every woman. Wherever you go — to a resort, a holiday or a walk, the right material and the right color will provide you with comfort and admiring glances of others.

  1. At the top of popularity is cotton. Clothing made of it is light and pleasant to the body. Summer dress made of 100% cotton — an option for every day. The material is breathable so it won’t stick to the body. Suitable for office work or travel.
  2. Many types of fabrics are created on the basis of cotton. One of them is chintz, thin and airy, it will allow the skin to breathe. Plain-dyed chintz is considered to be equally dyed on both sides — the wrong side and the front. It is monophonic, but has a rich palette of colors. The printed fabric is distinguished by the printed pattern applied to it. In ancient times, such applications were made by hand; today on an industrial scale they are printed on a special technique, but the name has been preserved. A bright chintz print will add playfulness and visibility to a summer dress.
  3. Another type of cotton is poplin. Soft and pleasant to the touch material. Easy care. A poplin dress will last more than one year. It has wear resistance, dense, will not shine through. There is a bonus to practicality — low cost.
  4. Another look made on the basis of cotton and suitable for a summer dress is satin. This is a smooth and shiny material, natural, but slightly more expensive than cotton, poplin or chintz. However, it is an alternative to expensive silk. Satin is soft, and the dress from it will «flow» over the body. He does not wrinkle, and this is his advantage. Retains its qualities after many washes.
  5. In addition to cotton, linen is popular in the summer. With the advent of hot weather, an uncountable number of dresses, sundresses and other items of clothing made from this material appear on the windows of fashion stores. The recognition of linen products is justified: they are light, free, pleasant to the body. Suitable for a hot summer, a linen dress will fit into a business wardrobe and come in handy for vacation trips. The main thing is to choose the right style.

All of the listed species belong to tissues of plant origin. They are environmentally friendly and affordable.

In the summer, you should not make a choice in favor of 100% synthetics. These fabrics are made from polymers that are harmful to the skin. Common — acrylic, polyester, polyamide.

Synthetics are affordable. They don’t wrinkle and keep their shape. With proper care, they will last a long time.

But wearing clothes made of synthetic materials is not as comfortable as those made of natural materials. They are non-breathable and non-allergenic and may irritate sensitive skin.

In addition, non-natural materials absorb odors. Therefore, they are not suitable for summer.

dress style

The style should be chosen depending on the type of figure. If you are faced with the task of choosing an office outfit, then dresses with a straight cut of medium length will do.

For summer walks in the women’s wardrobe, A-silhouettes and trapezes with short sleeves can find a place. They do not hinder movements when walking, look stylish and gentle.

If you want to buy a thing in a minimalist style, shirt dresses of medium length, with a belt or on a thin elegant strap, will come in handy.


In summer, you want as many bright and rich colors as possible. Therefore, on a hot day, yellow, pink, green, blue, lilac colors will be appropriate, both individually and together. And of course the classic white.

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