Rubber bands for fitness and how to use them to quickly and easily prepare your body for the summer


The elastic band for fitness is a versatile and simple exercise machine for doing sports at home, in a fitness club, on vacation and on the street. Fabric fitness elastic bands, also known as a band expander, are ideal for training various muscle groups: back, buttocks, legs, arms, as well as for yoga, Pilates and strength training.

And yet, what are fitness rubber bands, what are their benefits and effectiveness, why are they so in demand and how can you easily and quickly lose weight with their help. The load is provided by the resistance that occurs when the elastic is stretched. This very simple and affordable inventory is incredibly functional and effective! You can do the usual exercises with it, but with much more benefit for the muscles. While exercising with a fitness rubber band, you can easily adjust the load due to the amplitude of stretching. In addition, this mini-expander does not harm the skeletal muscles and the articular-ligamentous apparatus.

Rubber bands for fitness will provide you with:

  • Increasing muscle strength and elasticity
  • Getting rid of problem areas
  • Body Quality Improvement
  • Strengthening the muscular corset
  • High-quality work on the gluteal muscles
  • Minimum pressure on the articular-ligamentous apparatus

Fitness elastic bands have several levels of load: soft, medium and hard.

Each level corresponds to a certain color of the tape. If you decide to purchase fitness rubber bands, then it is better to immediately buy a whole set of several elastic bands of different resistance. This will not only help you train each muscle group according to the required load, but also perform arm and leg exercises at the same time. Choose the level of load during the exercise according to your capabilities. You should feel resistance, but the technique of performing the exercises should not suffer. As a rule, for arms, shoulders, chest, you can take a soft fitness elastic band. For legs and buttocks, you can safely take a medium or hard elastic band. If you want to increase the load, you can put on both tapes at the same time.

Our set includes 3 fitness tapes: mint color — load 4-7 kg; pink — 8-10 kg; purple — 13-18 kg. The width of the rubber bands is 8 cm, the length is 37 cm. Fabric elastic bands due to the double seam have increased strength and wear resistance. You don’t have to worry about your power tape breaking and flying into your face. On the inside of the fitness elastic band there is an anti-slip coating that prevents slipping and rolling, which provides you with a comfortable workout. The kit includes a convenient bag for storing and carrying ribbons. With the help of fitness bands, you can quickly lose weight and get in shape for the summer!

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