The word «pleated» is of English origin, it means — folds. The material — pleated is smoothed with folds of fabric of the same width. The folds on the pleated fabric can be smoothed in one direction, they can be counter or bow.

One of the most trendy, versatile and beautiful women’s skirts is the stylish pleated model, which today actively complements the hem of fashionable dresses. The classic flared midi version suits everyone without exception. Such a pleated skirt will fit perfectly on any shape, which is why plus-size girls and women love to wear it so much.

In addition, the versatility of the pleated skirt lies in the creation of a wide variety of images for all occasions. It is especially fashionable today to wear a pleated skirt with sneakers, combining it with a T-shirt, sweater and leather jackets.

In the new season 2022-2023, fashionable pleated skirts are relevant in quite interesting cuts. Different sizes of folds, styles, materials, length and of course the color palette of fashionable pleated skirts allow you to take a completely different look at the trendy outfit.

Hit of 2021-2022! Pleated miniskirt in stretch suiting fabric. Our pleated skirt is created in modern production with the latest technologies. Actual cut, anatomical fit, neat hidden side zip. A pleated skirt is perfect for any season, and will also fit perfectly into both casual and business wardrobe due to its moderate length. This mini-skirt model has already conquered thousands of girls, try it yourself! The model of the skirt is also called: tennis skirt, tennis skirt, year skirt, school skirt, pleated skirt, pleated skirt, pleated skirt, skirt for girls, anime skirt, school skirt for girls, women’s clothing, clothing for women, summer women’s clothing, tennis skirt to school, school uniform, tennis skirt for girls, skirts, anime. It is recommended to wash the skirt in a gentle mode no more than 30C, to iron at the minimum temperature. Similar skirts can be found in brands such as zara, zarina, love republic, pull and bear and many others. face trend.

The problem of what to wear with a long pleated skirt will be solved by a turtleneck. The color should be chosen the same, but a tone lighter than the skirt itself.

Almost any shoe will go, from high-heeled sandals to masculine-style rough boots, depending on the look you create.

After a long lockdown, which forced an increase in the number of tracksuits, all kinds of knitwear and voluminous items in wardrobes, now you irreparably want to wear elegant skirts and dresses, reminding yourself of your femininity. So, universal and romantic pleated skirts reappeared in the collections of designers, which means that very soon they will replenish the wardrobes of the main fashionistas. Whether you choose to wear a pleated skirt with a classic polo shirt, jumper or plain t-shirt, it will definitely add a touch of elegance and polish to any look.

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