The most versatile sling is considered to be sling scarf — it adapts to any needs of parents and the size of the child, can be harmoniously combined with an evening dress and stretched pants … in a word, almost perfect. But there is a BUT: even if you adapt, winding from 4-5 meters of fabric still takes time. And if an hour and a half walk with a baby is worth it, then at home, when we eat every minute, then sleep, then look at the birds outside the window, putting on and taking off a long sling every time is not so convenient.

Therefore, many parents for the home prefer other options, and one of the most popular is sling with rings (Mum’s Era brand has been producing such slings for 15 years already!).

Here are its benefits for the home:

1. Differs in compact dimensions: This sling has only 2 meters of fabric, making it easy to keep close at hand.

2. It doesn’t need to be tied up somehow intricately: the role of the node is performed by a system of two rings. Rings in this Mum’s Era sling securely hold the threaded fabric and release it easily when needed.

3. Allows you to minimize the time for donning: you can try it on and adjust the sling to your size. Then take off sling with ringshang it on the back of a chair — and quickly put it on right at the moment when you need it.

Such features of the sling are very convenient both during the first mastering of the sling, and during periods of crisis, when every second with a crying baby counts. In moments of growth spurts, the emotional state of the baby is unstable, he can be capricious, require frequent changes of position. And sling with rings just very convenient. You can place your baby lying down or upright, in front or on your hip, or quickly take him out of the sling in seconds.

Suitable (and very comfortable!) right from birth

Indispensable Mum’s Era ring sling and at an early age, during the period of frequent feeding and colic. You can rock your baby while walking around the room, and at the same time, his weight will not load your arms and back 100%. Even in this sling, you can quickly change the winding height so that the baby can be easily attached to the chest. True, it is important to consider that feeding in a sling is, after all, force majeure and should not be abused. But for vertical wearing in a “column” after eating (so that the air that the baby swallows during feeding comes out of the stomach), a sling with rings is also ideally convenient.

If the baby fell asleep (and in a sling they fall asleep instantly!), sling with rings can be removed as discreetly as possible. Approach the crib, loosen the tension of the fabric in the rings, lay the baby on the surface with the sling and carefully slide the head and shoulders out of the sling fabric. Now this sling will play the role of a blanket with the smell of mom. You can attach the sling rings over the tummy: a feeling of slight heaviness will create a pleasant illusion for the baby of his mother’s presence, her hands on her body.

What to consider if you decide to buy a sling with rings

The load in the sling goes on one shoulder, so the side on which you carry the child must be alternated. Are you currently wearing it on your right shoulder? The next time you use the sling, put it on the left. Then alternate again. This will be good for both your back and the child’s muscular frame.

When it comes to short-term home wear — to console, rock for daytime sleep, to free mother’s hands for a while — it’s better sling with rings nothing can be imagined.

And we also made sure that the sling with rings will definitely turn out to be a useful purchase for you. Firstly, with every Mum’s Era sling detailed instructions with all the nuances of using the sling are attached. Secondly, if you are too lazy or have no time to read the instructions, we will help you online for free! The consultant will help you make your first winding step by step directly via video link, so that it is immediately convenient and safe, so that both you and the baby are comfortable.

We are close, we are in touch! If you have any questions about buying or using a sling with rings — write them in the «Questions» tab under the color of the sling that you like!


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