How to wear pearls correctly and stylishly?

Pearl jewelry is one of the accessories that will always be relevant. They add nobility to the image, complement any style. But before buying jewelry, pay attention to a number of subtleties. Sometimes jewelry can visually make a woman look older or may not fit in and look vulgar.

Who is pearl jewelry suitable for?

Pearl jewelry is considered a classic style. Coco Chanel was especially fond of the mineral. She noted its positive qualities and argued that gems should be in the wardrobe of every girl.

As they say, all ages are submissive to love, and love for pearls is no exception. Girls and women of all ages can wear jewelry:

To young girls no need to wear massive jewelry, products in several tiers. Try not to overload the image. A necklace on a thin thread will suffice.

older womenon the contrary, it is desirable to combine several products at the same time. You can afford jewelry with large pearls or two-tier designs.

Adults and older women will suit dark, cold tones.

Classical white, cream gem is suitable for representatives of all ages. Other shades are selected in accordance with the characteristics of the color type.

When purchasing jewelry, consider skin tone, features of your appearance. This will help you not to make a mistake with the color of the beads. To choose the minerals of the desired tone, take note of some tips:

Girls with swarthy skin will especially suit warm, golden colors of pearls. Earrings, bracelets in a gold frame with a light mineral will look beautiful.

Jewelry made of pink stone will well complement the image of a pale girl with red, blond hair. You can play in contrast and pick up stones of dark shades.

White color is considered universal for all skin types. But decorations made of snow-white stone give the image some solemnity, formality.

Pearl accessories are forever in fashion. The main thing is to learn how to properly wear and combine pearls with outfits. Jewelry will help you become more attractive, and the mystical properties of pearls will attract good luck and love into your life.

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