What is OVERSIZE and how to wear it?

The term «oversize» in translation from English (oversize) means «very large» or «baggy». This refers to all wardrobe items that are deliberately created over the usual size. For example, it can be a sweatshirt that looks like you borrowed it from a man’s wardrobe.

The oversize style has occupied its niche in the fashion world for a long time and for a long time; loose-fitting clothes do not lose their positions for several seasons in a row. As a rule, it is enough to try on something oversized only once and it will be quite difficult to refuse. In the oversized style, everyone is attracted precisely by the freedom of cut, ease and comfort, which is so important in everyday life. Oversize gives freedom of movement, emphasizes femininity, while allowing you to hide some figure flaws and highlight advantages.

But it is worth noting that even such a free style of clothing makes you adhere to some rules in wearing:
— ideal colors for oversize are neutral «basic» shades (white, black, beige, gray);
— it is worth limiting yourself to one accent accessory or abandoning them altogether so as not to overload the image;
— «wide top — narrow bottom» — the simplest and most versatile combination;
— observance of proportions — for example, girls with large breasts or with an inverted triangle figure type should carefully wear oversized, because it may turn out that the upper body seems short and bulky.


Trendy footer shirts have appeared recently. But consumers took time to understand, accept and love the new style trend. Today, sweatshirts have become a favorite wardrobe item for all fashionistas. The second layer of clothing presented by this product really looks very cool and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Such an oversized shirt helps to diversify the wardrobe and replace a denim, jacket or leather jacket in a huge number of looks.

To make your look stylish and harmonious, combine an oversized shirt with:
— shorts and cycling shorts;
— leggings;
— Your favorite jeans (MOM, Slim, pipes, etc.);
— joggers;
— straight or flared knitted trousers.

And if you want to emphasize the femininity of any of your images, then try to gird a shirt — it turns out simply and very stylishly!

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