How to wear bright shirts for tall girls: stylish tips


Summer is the best time for bright images! Dazzling sun, blue sky, lush greenery and a sea of ​​flowers… Even girls whose wardrobe consists of 90% practical things in a restrained range will buy something bright! We know that it has always been difficult for tall beauties to find even basic things, not to mention something more interesting. Fortunately, with EVERY PERSON these problems are already in the past! Today we want to tell you about cool bright shirts for height over 180 cm and share tips from our stylists. The most important thing you need to know about boyfriend shirts from EVERY PERSON:

  • Sewn from high-quality natural cotton with a small addition of lycra.
  • They do not deform and do not roll after washing, they are easily smoothed out, they allow air to pass through.
  • Designed specifically for high growth, taking into account all proportions, they fit perfectly in every size.

Shirts of different colors are available right now (the collection is constantly updated, stay tuned!):

What can be combined with a bright shirt

The easiest trick is to use the shirt as an accent in black, white or neutral beige outfits. This is exactly the case when it is impossible to make a mistake — the result will definitely be good.

Another win-win stylish combination: a bright shirt + jeans.

For the bravest tall girls who are not afraid to stand out, we suggest using the principle of color contrasts.

If this is too much for you, then try to combine adjacent colors (green + blue, orange + yellow, red + pink, etc.). Or use monochrome palettes.

By the way, in order for the set to look harmonious, it is important to pay attention not only to the shades, but also to their intensity.

Don’t be afraid of layering. They look super stylish!

Choose your bright shirt and feel free to start fashion experiments!


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