How to wear a dress with sneakers?

If earlier a dress could only be complemented with sophisticated and elegant feminine shoes, preferably with heels, today you will not surprise anyone with a combination of dresses of various styles and styles with sneakers. A similar trend has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row, and this year it continues its triumphant march.

Consideration of such an ambiguous, but very interesting topic, let’s start with the answer to the question — to whom such a combination suits. Due to its versatility and practicality, the mix of sneakers and dress suits almost everyone. The ability to choose a dress that emphasizes the dignity of the figure, and comfortable sports shoes of different shades, styles, allows you to apply this fashion trend to both fragile teenage girls and sophisticated ladies of a more mature age. The main thing is to observe the measure, take into account the occasion.

It is also worth considering the place where you plan to go. There are practically no restrictions for everyday looks, walks, meetings with friends. The only rule is that everything should be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. But if you are choosing an image for the office, then laconic sneakers will come to the rescue, which will not attract much attention to themselves. For a date, a combination of a dress with sneakers is also suitable, especially if a long walk is planned. A man will not only like the image, he will be subdued by your practicality and intelligence.

With a dress from 2B you will look wonderful and feel comfortable, even without heels!

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