How to wash glasses in the dishwasher?

When you buy a dishwasher, you most likely think about its functionality. It is important to take care in advance about the functions that allow you to wash at different temperatures. The most effective removal of fat and food residues occurs in modes with high temperatures. But such washing is contraindicated for some products. Usually, crystal glassware is not recommended for cleaning in the dishwasher. However, we want to make recommendations for cleaning glassware that will not damage your glasses and stemware.

Which glasses can be washed in the dishwasher

The latest technologies used by manufacturers of glass goblets make it possible to wash them in the PMM. We are talking about lead-free glass, which is not only possible, but also necessary to be washed in the PMM. It washes well and looks shiny and shiny. Don’t be afraid to put fragile glass items in the dishwasher. With the right choice of program and proper loading, you will get a result that is difficult to obtain when washing by hand.

Which mode is suitable for washing glassware

Glass is a very fragile material that requires delicate care. A temperature of 70-60 degrees for such dishes is too high and can lead to deformation. Therefore, do not try to wash glasses on the usual standard program. Given this feature, manufacturers have developed models that do an excellent job of removing dirt on dishes at a temperature of 40-45 degrees. Most often, this mode has a special designation to make it clear to users. It can be called «delicate», which indicates the possibility of washing dishes made of porcelain and glass. In this temperature regime, fragile products will not be damaged.

How to achieve shine and radiance

The secret to clean and shiny dishes is to use rinse aid. Rinse aid helps to get rid of detergent residue. In addition, due to its composition, its use allows you to literally repel water and dirt from the surface of the dishes.

Some manufacturers are constantly improving the quality of detergents, including components in their composition to achieve the most effective result. Purchase detergents with a slightly alkaline composition. Such tablets gently clean, do not leave plaque and streaks, and the rinse aid in their composition provides additional care and shine.

How to wash glasses in the dishwasher

Washing glasses in PMM has a number of undeniable advantages. Firstly, you save a lot in water consumption, because the dishwasher uses a relatively small amount of cold water. Secondly, you do not waste your time on something that can be trusted with modern technology. Thirdly, the result of such a wash will please any hostess. Glass goblets and wine glasses shine and «creak» from cleanliness.

But in order for the joy to be long, it is necessary to remember the correct loading of glasses:

• Glassware must not interfere with the movement of the arms. Use specially installed holders so that the washing streams of water do not break your favorite glasses and wine glasses.

• You should also be aware that it is better not to allow the simultaneous washing of greasy and heavily soiled dishes along with glasses. A large amount of fat can leave stains and stains on the last.

• The bowl of glasses should «look» down. This is necessary so that dirty water does not accumulate inside, and they dry out faster. If you have crockery with long legs, place it in the lower basket. Glass holders can be purchased separately.

If you are careful and watch your loading, you can be sure of getting clean and sparkling glasses. Absolutely the entire line of professional ALAPURESA PMM tablets has all the necessary properties for safe cleaning of dishes without smell, streaks and plaque.

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