Scrubbing is a skin exfoliation process that:

✔️ stimulates the process of cellular renewal

✔️ improves microcirculation

✔️ saturates the cells with oxygen

✔️ activates the production of elastin

There are two ways to scrub:

1️⃣ using cosmetics;

2️⃣ using a brush (brushing).

Today I will tell you about scrubbing using Apolina brand cosmetics.

It should be understood that all cosmetic scrubs differ in the type of abrasive particles. So, it can be salt or sugar crystals (hence the name — salt or sugar scrub), ground bones of fruits and berries — apricot, grapes, almonds or coffee beans.

You can scrub both dry and wet skin. Frequency — several times a week.

How to use scrubs correctly

It is necessary to massage the skin well and rub the scrub until the entire surface of the body is covered with it. It is better to do this with both hands, moving from the feet to the neck.

Movements from the bottom up will help improve blood circulation, remove excess water and relieve swelling.

Scrubbing should not be done if you have:

have open wounds;

there are inflammatory processes;

very dry and irritated skin.

After completing the scrubbing process, it is imperative to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream, milk or butter to the body.

Apolina scrubs are made with love for you!

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