How to save the skin after winter frosts and prepare yourself for the summer season?


Cold wind and snow blizzards are gradually leaving the expanses of Russia. For any person, the winter period is a real test, since the body is hardly rebuilt for this season. The main task for any person is to maintain and improve their health after the cold, especially when it comes to the skin. In this article, we will tell you how to save your skin from the consequences of the winter cold and how to prepare yourself for the summer season.

Why is skin so prone to changes in winter?

In winter, when the air is as dry and cold as possible, the skin reacts most strongly to changes in weather conditions. The skin becomes drier and more sensitive, rashes, allergic reactions and mimic wrinkles appear, which greatly deform the skin. In addition, a person who does not use special skin care in winter weather feels a lack of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, blood vessels, which narrow as a result of low temperatures, do not fully nourish human skin.

What kind of care should be used to protect the skin in winter?

To keep your skin in good condition in winter, you need to use the following products:

  1. Soft peelings for dry skin exfoliation;
  2. Serums and creams with vitamin complexes;
  3. Moisturizing creams with acids;
  4. Foams for washing. This is an important point, since many girls use aggressive scrubs to remove skin flaking;
  5. Mineral oils for occasional skin care;
  6. Sapropel care masks.

Of course, each remedy must be selected individually, taking into account its physiological and resource capabilities. However, the market for skin care cosmetology in the modern market is so large that you can find «your» product at a nice price and volume. Most of the presented products can be used in any season, however, sapropel masks are ideal for restoring the skin from damage after the winter period.

Why clay masks?

The healing properties of mineral mud have been known for a long time. Since ancient times, people have noticed that clay and mud wraps tone the skin, affecting the structure of the epidermis itself. Modern sapropel masks have a number of positive properties that are ideal for restoring human skin after winter:

  1. The mask contains Vitamin E, which affects the elasticity of the skin;
  2. The active components of the mask for the body, hair and facial skin is a whole group of vitamins B1-B4, B6, B12;
  3. Sapropel contains minerals of various groups: calcium, potassium, iron, copper, selenium, silver, bromine and magnesium.
  4. Mud masks have a number of enzymes that speed up the body’s metabolic processes.

Sapropel mask «Abitsey» from Biorganika deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin of a person, helping to get rid of mimic wrinkles and even out skin tone. With the help of such a mask, you can not only improve blood circulation after cold winter weather, but also strengthen hair and nails, as well as reduce swelling and pain in the legs. The use of such a universal remedy can solve several skin problems at once, which occurs after winter. Use the right care and take care of your skin, using only the best cosmetics!


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