The repair is over, happy new settlers are in a hurry to call in new housing. But often faced with the fact that the furniture is made or delivered for several weeks, or even months. Or the budget just ran out during the repair, and there is simply no way to purchase the headset you like right away. An excellent solution in this case would be to buy a modular cabinet for storing things, shoes, children’s toys.

What to look for when choosing?

Typically, modular storage systems consist of cube boxes that are quickly connected using mounting elements. It will be convenient to choose an option that includes eight sections, complemented by shelves. Such a model is assembled without difficulty, has a compact size and weighs about 5 kilograms. It will allow you to neatly arrange various small wardrobe items, as well as shoes. The rack can be used to store heavy items, including tools.

What is the advantage of such systems?

Consider the advantages of shelving from cubes:

1. mobility — easy to rearrange or transfer to another place of residence;

2. quick installation without the involvement of specialists;

3. assembly of the model for specific needs;

4. Moisture proof for use in bathrooms and outdoors;

5. the ability to fully use any features of the space;

6. high capacity and functionality.

Assembly Options

You can assemble various options for shelving systems, for example:

• locker for shoes;

• a rack for storage of things;

• boxes for children’s toys;

• mini cabinet;

• kitchen cabinet;

garage rack.

How to assemble?

It is very easy to assemble the system with the help of fasteners-grooves. Made from quality plastic. The package includes assembly instructions.

fixing module

Where and in what cases can it be used?

It will be a great solution if you need to organize storage when moving, until stationary furniture is purchased. Can be used when renting to quickly and inexpensively pick up after the termination of the contract. And later put in a dressing room or basement. It can be recommended for children’s playrooms. It will help the baby learn to fold toys and books on his own. Suitable for bathrooms, balconies, verandas and open terraces, it is not afraid of moisture and is easy to clean. An excellent choice for a summer house or summer house.

A modular wardrobe for shoes and everyday items is a practical storage system that will significantly save valuable space and family budget.

Modular storage cabinet

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