Summer has already begun, which means that it is time for open shoes. What do our legs look like now?

Nerve endings coming from all internal organs are concentrated on the foot. Therefore, removing growths, removing dead skin remnants, you free the body, let the skin breathe. Beautiful and well-groomed legs are always pleasing to the eye.

How to prepare legs at home

  1. Trim your nails. Trimming or filing nails should start from the left or right edge, because when cutting transversely, the nail may break or break off. The nail on the thumb cannot be made short, as on others, it must cover the skin, so that by accidental movement of the thumb open in the sandal, it cannot be “pulled up”.
  2. Fill a basin with hot water, adding sea salt if possible. It easily cleanses the skin from dead cells, has an antiseptic effect and softens. In addition, sea salt has a positive effect on nails, namely, it strengthens the plate, prevents brittleness and delamination. It is also known to combat leg fatigue and swelling, which is especially true for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

You can also make a bath with decoctions of wormwood, calendula, hawthorn, celandine, horsetail, medicinal chamomile and string. The substances that are part of these plants, they cope with fatigue, swelling, sweating and itching.

  1. As soon as you feel that the skin has steamed and turned white, remove your foot from the bath and dry it thoroughly with a towel. Lubricate the keratinized areas, calluses and nail folds with an emollient cream. Then, with a safety razor, scrape off especially thick keratinized layers on the heels, soles and fingers. Be extremely careful when doing this procedure!
  2. After rough cleaning, rub the sole with a pumice stone in small circular motions. To make the skin come off easier, lather with a pumice stone.
  3. In places where pumice stone is too rough, rub the skin with a special foot scrub. A foot scrub has larger granules than a similar face scrub, and those, in turn, have sharper edges to more effectively cleanse the feet of scales and dirt. Since the skin of the legs is the roughest on the whole body, scrubs for them have a high content of fruit acids that soften the stratum corneum of the skin.
  4. Already 20-30 minutes after the start of steaming and mechanical cleaning, you can start a pedicure. Move the skin at the base of the nail with a wooden (orange) stick from the manicure set, carefully cut it with scissors.
  5. After treatment, lower the foot back into the bath, proceed to the second.
  6. As soon as you have finished, wipe your feet with a soft towel, paying special attention to the interdigital space, grease your feet with the fattest cream and do a light massage for two to three minutes.

The first experiences of wearing summer shoes, as a rule, turn out to be deplorable. Weaned from direct contact, the legs immediately become covered with calluses and corns, begin to hurt and ache in the most unexpected places. Until they get used to the peculiarities of the summer season, almost every day before going to bed you will have to please them with a variety of sedatives.

Also don’t forget to wear only comfortable shoes and choose us!

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