How to Extend Your Baby’s Daytime Sleep in 5 Easy Steps


The path to independent falling asleep, the baby’s sleep in his crib, an ideally adjusted daily routine is long and thorny. Of course, this needs to be worked on so that the baby grows up healthy and vigorous and so that parents can fully relax. While you are in the process, let’s try to extend the baby’s sleep, for example, daytime👇🏼

1️⃣It is worth removing all noisy toys from the baby’s crib that the child can touch in a dream and they will begin to rustle, rattle or ring.

2️⃣Put the child to sleep during the day in his crib — small and cozy, and not on a large sofa. We remind you that babies do not need pillows and a blanket to sleep. enough to wear comfortable overalls.

3️⃣ Try to make the lighting in the room as calm, dark as possible. Draw the curtains, close the blinds, turn off the lamps and the TV.

4️⃣Yes, harsh extraneous noises should also be avoided so that sleep lasts a little longer. No need to rattle pots or play Indians with older children)) postpone activities for a short time.

4️⃣Noise that can and should be left to prolong sleep is White Noise. This monotonous sound is a real salvation! It kind of lulls you, forcing you to sleep more and more …

It is convenient to use Nanny Bunny for this:

  • turn on the melody in white noise mode
  • select the desired volume
  • feel free to leave Bunny Nanny in the baby’s crib


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