Have you ever wondered why your washing machine or dishwasher stops working? It’s not just about durability. Running water, detergents and powders leave traces inside appliances, such as scale, mineral deposits, mold, odor and grease.

It is necessary to keep the equipment clean not only outside, but also inside. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out prevention with the help of special means.

Ri clean decalcifier is the key to keeping your appliances clean. Universal cleaner suitable for washing machines and dishwashers of all brands and types. The cleaning agent gently cleans the internal parts without damaging them. The soft composition removes scale, grease, removes foreign smell, copes with mold and fungus.

How to clean the washing machine and dishwasher?

Prevention is easy. Pour one sachet of detergent into the empty drum of the washing machine and start the washing cycle at 60-90 degrees. At the end of the cycle, turn off the machine and wipe the cuff with a dry cloth. A similar procedure is carried out in the dishwasher. You will see the result after the first application. A pack of 12 sachets will last a long time. It is recommended to clean the washing machine and dishwasher once a month.

May your equipment serve you for a long time!

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