How to equip an apartment in which a cat will live


The apartment needs to be prepared for a meeting with a new pet. First of all, you need to think about a bed and essentials.

Cats or any other animals are not toys, they are living creatures that also require attention, food, water, warmth, etc. Looking at a cat on the Internet and living with him in real life are completely different things. Before you buy a cat, you need to equip an apartment for her.

Dishes and food

Cats need not only food, but also dishes from which to eat. Dishes can also be purchased at the pet store. The cheapest ones are plastic, but it’s up to the owner to decide which dishes to buy. It is recommended to feed cats with special foods, but you need to choose them according to the age and size of the cat.


This is the most important point. Many people claim that cats and dogs will give off a bad smell in the apartment. But this is not the case, if the pet has a toilet with filler — it will kill all the smell and everything will be fine. The main criterion for choosing a toilet is that it should be slightly larger than the cat so that it can easily fit there. Scratching Post Cats always like to scratch their claws. If you do not want them to scratch them on the sofa or walls, then you need to buy a scratching post. You can make it yourself or buy it at a pet store. They come in the form of simple columns and in the form of a whole complex of interconnected claw posts. You also need to remember to trim the claws, it will be easier for the cat. There is a special nail cutter.


All cats shed, except sphinxes. In order not to have problems with hairballs around the house, you need to comb out excess hair from a cat (even a short-haired one). A good comb will not bring discomfort to your pet, you need to choose it depending on the length of the coat.

Carrying bag

If you travel frequently, then you will need a portable bag. In it, the cat will feel safe and comfortable. You need to choose it according to the size of the animal.

Sleeping place

Cats are exactly those animals that love to sleep. They sleep an average of 17 hours a day. Therefore, they need their own bed. To do this, you need to buy a couch, where the cat will be comfortable, and you do not have to clean the wool on all the sofas and beds. You can make a bed yourself with your own hands, it is better to buy a bed in the marketplace of a popular brand.

An oval-shaped cat bed with high sides is a popular model. Its versatility makes it perfect for small to medium sized dogs and cats, as well as small and cute puppies and kittens. An excellent gift for your pets will be a round bed with sides. The oval shape of the bed is convenient because your favorite pet can fully relax and stretch out to its full height if necessary. High sides will protect their offspring from possible falls of the pet. Oval-shaped beds of compact size fit perfectly into the space of any apartment and house.

Benefits of oval beds

  • Universal sleeping place for cats and dogs
  • Comfortable bed for pets
  • Optimal bed shape
  • Fits perfectly into space

Oval-shaped beds can be safely used when arranging a bed for a cat and a dog.


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